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tv   Today  NBC  September 23, 2010 7:00am-11:00am EDT

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d for by nbc-universal television good morning. nice friend and facebook founder mark zuckerberg agrees to donate $100 million to a school district. sheer generosity or a way to divert attention? doctors find a giant tumor in a pregnant woman and cut her lower body. too hath hot for sesame street? a new duet has some parents outraged. is it too much for the youthful set? we'll let you decide today, thursday day, september 23rd, 2010. welcome this thursday
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morning. i'm meredith vieira. >> i'm matt lauer. if you're mark zuckerberg, you can give away a lot. he has give in a way a lot. >> he now lives in new york state. he has given away $100 million to a school district in new jersey. i will tell you about the ting of this gift, just before t much anticipated movie of the creation of facebook that portrays zuckerberg as a backstabber. also ahead, the debate, charges back and forth, today is the day some of the new health care rules will actually take effect. i'll tell you what they mean for you and your family coming up in a little while. new details onhe round the clockwork in chile to rescue the trapped miners on the ground for six weeks. americans have played a key role in getting the miners out southeastern than expected. natalie will join fours a live
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report. what is it like to be a member of a polygamist family, in a live interview on the "today" program. ann curry is back at the newsdesk. good morning. >> good morning. in the news this morning, president obama makes a major speech befe the u. assembly today, challenng world leaders to support an israel-palestine peace deal and if they do, it could mean the independent state of israel by this time next year and cou help developing countries. inead of short term solution, he said the focus is more on diplomacy and investment to help nations prosper. nato confirms a taliban commander has been captured who purportedly helped supply money and weapons. and an egg farm apologies
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for salmonella that ledo a massive egg recall and another takes a fifth amendment. and containing up to 5 million containers of powdered similac, infant formula that may have been contaminated with insect parts. we will have more on the blockbuster reorganizes and tries to keep its store opens. and a huge gift from facebook founder mark zuckerberg. this huge gift comes from zuckerberg ashe's facing huge publicity from a new movie. >> that's right. it's expected to be very critical of him. some are questioning the timing, $100 donated to new york schools. it is very large. is worth an estimated $2 billion. the gift apparently is going to cause new jersey to have to cede
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some control to newark. the state had taken over control in 1995ecause the schools were being so poorly run as a result of this gift, or as part of this gift, actually the mayor of new jersey is actually going to take back some control. the deal is expected to be announced on oprah winfrey's show on friday. but, again, a lot of questions, given the facebook founder has no actual ties to newark, new jersey, he actually was raised in westchester county and now lives in california and some question the motive. >> hofully, this money will do some good. thank you so much. a close call monday during a severe storm in pittsburgh when high winds hit an office building that used to be a church, knocking the steeple inside the building, where it almost hit a woman's desk. she was away from her desk at the time and no one was hurt. dramatic, you don't see that everyday. it is now 7:04. back to meredith and al.
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we had severe thunderstorms last night. >> came rolling mild and rather humid. good morning on this thursday morning. we have some clouds coming through, a temperatures now 73 in washington. mild around much of the region. and the view from our radar showing one shower now movg into northern frederick county, maryland, out of northeastern washington county drifting off to the east-northeast.
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later today we should climb into the low 90s, mid-90s tomorrow and lower humidity. cooler weather for the weekend. clouds around on sunday. small chance of a shower. that's your latest wester. matt. thanks so much. to politics, president obama addresses the united nations today as the gop addresses a n plan to deal with the economy and health care. msnbc's chief white house correspondent, chuck todd is here. >> the president is here, annl gathering of world leaders of the united nation. politics looming over everything. november mid-term while he's here, republicans are ing to a hardware store in virginia to unveil the 2010 version of a contract with america they call their pledge to america. >> reporter: today, republicans will try to recapture what a young firebrand named newt gingrich did six years ago with his contract with america, convince the american people republicans deserve to run congress.
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their updated plan, a plee to america focuses on five major areas, jobs, government spending, health care, national security and reforming congress. >> the president's been fond of playing class warfare politics, preying on the emotions of fear and ey might make for good politics but it'sivisive and rotten economics. >> democratic house speaker, nancy pelosi said in a statement the pledge to america shows republicans want to return to the same failed economic policies that hurt millions of americans and threatened our economy. republicans pledge if they win control of congress, they will, among other thin, make the bush tax cuts permanent, hold weekly votes on spending cuts and repeal and replace the president's signature legislative accomplishment, health care reform. >> doing something he hasn't done in a while, the president talked about health care wednesday, challenging republicans on the repeal pledge, why they want to get rid of something he believes will
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save the country a trillion. >> it doesn't make sense. it makes sense in terms of politics and polls. it doesn't make sense in terms of actually making people's lives better. >> reporter: the president also gave his first of two scheduled united nations speeches followed by a major democratic fund-raiser wnesday night, where he was confronted by a handful of protesters. >> want us to talk about what's at stake in this election, because the pple that potentially will take over, if we don't focus on this election, i promise you, will cut aids funding and every priority you care about. >> reporter: after the interruption he returned his focus to the mid-terms and theme that brought him into office, change. >> the last election was about a changing of the guard. this election is about guarding the change. >> t president today, matt, is going to go over to the clinton global initiative where he introduces the first lady,
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michelle obama giving a keynote at the global initiative with president clinton. >> chuck todd, i appreciate it. let's swing over to meredith. >> more from nbc, tom brokaw, good morning. let's start with this pledge to america republicans will unveil today. unlike the contract of america that had the full support of republicans, there are only 12 that have signed on so far. what does that tell you about the shape of the party right now? >> i think they're trying to catch the tea party wave and capture the magic of 1994. they don't address some of the toughest issues still before us, medicare, social security and fail to point out a lot of the programs they protested against started in the closing years of the bush administration when hank paulson was tryin to keep the economy from going over the cliff. take health care, for example, 17 1/2% of our gdp. no question about it, this heth car bill is problematic for a lot of people. what are the answers? not just repealing it.
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the gam are well under way. i've been doinghis for a long time, meredith and never seen so many plates moving at the same time without having a key sense where they would end up. >> have you see anything lik the tea party? >> no, i haven't. you think about it, nine, 12 months ago we didn't know about the tea party. the power of the internet cannot be overstated. the first rule of politics is don't let the opposition define you. the tea party is using the internet, their people are motivate passionate, turng out. >> about obama. >> guess who used the same technique to get elected president of the united states, president obam and finds himself where bill clinton is saying he has to start pushing bk than he has so far. >> this is a very right time in america. >> the recession is over meantime and a lot of people say you could fool me with that one, i don't have a job and my house might be in foreclosure. what do you say to those people? >> that this is difficulty.
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this is a jobless recovery. the market is doing well primarily because companies have piled up a lot of cash. interest rates low. our boss pointed out when we rad recoveries in the past, oil was $17 a barrel, no japan or china and baby boomers at the peek of their spending power and now at the pea of their taking power. a lot of states, california particularly are in deep trouble. more cutbacks to come there. everyone has to take a deep breath. we all got in it together and have to get out. >> in your travels, what are you hearing from people? >> i hear a lot from main street people voted for obama and feel like he's turned his back on them. that's the voice i hear across the country. they don't feel connected to him. they were quite excited about him. they had some questions but they thought he was their best choice for hope and now they feel like there's a disconnect between what's going on in washington and the problems they have everyday. >> now, everybo is talking
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today about mark zuckerberg and his donation of $100 million to the newark school system and the timing comingut critical about him. what do you think a giftike that really means? >> i think it really represents a couple of trends. these people are making so much money in it and t new technology. i spent yesterday afternoon with bill gates, giving a half a billion to improving teaching techniques in amica. mark zuckerberg, whatever his motivation is giving $100 million to cory booker in newark, so he can take control of the newark schools and have a more responsive school system. whatever his motivation, i think we probably ought to stand back and say, how do we get in on this and how do we improveur education because mark zuckerberg, bill gates, all the people in that technology know education got them to where they are. if we're going to compete with india and china and all the emerging countries in the world, we have to do a lot better on that front. three cheers for mark zuckerberg.
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he can probably save money on his warobe. he only wears a hoody and black jeans. >> thank you very much. it is 13. here's matt. > now to a sex scandal involving the leader of one of america's best known mega churches, bishop eddie long i being accused of using jewelry, cars and cash to lure three young men into sexual relationships. just outside atlanta with the details on this, ron, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. eddie long is one of the most popular and powerful ministers in this couny. he built a thrivin empire in the atlanta areand some of his staunchest reporters say he is being charged with something he is notuilty of. >> somebody needs to celebrate that moment. somebody needs to bless god for that. >> reporter: he's hosted presidents like here at the funeral of loretta scott king, martin luther king jr.'s widow. he previouses to thousands of
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his mega church outside atlanta and counseled the president during the monica lewinsky scandal and outspoken opponen of homosexuality. but today, eddie long, who called himself "bishop" stands alone in the hot spotlight sued in civil court by three male members of his church for sexual coercion. no criminal chaes have been filed. they say long introduce them to his world of luxury, private jets, rolls royces, plying them with gifts, even putting them on the church payroll while pressuring them into having sex. >> the bishop was grouping young men to be at his disposal. he finds them at 14 or 15 years of age. he starts to get a relationship with them at that primary of time when a young man is really searching for his identity. >> reporter: the men's attorney said long sent another young member of his church not involved ithe lawsuit this
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picture of himself dressed far differently than his usual tailored suits. he has denied to speak publicly. but spoke through his lawyer. s spokesperson denied a shakedown. there are a lot of things being said out there but before rushing to judgment on bishop long in the court of public opinion. i rlly do hope that you would look at guys who are throwing mud and just consider the source right now. >> repter: members of the church put the number at ,000 include popular atlanta d.j., frank, who alsoefended his pastor. >> as a friend and extended family member, i have loyalty. i'm loyal to him and his family. i am standing his side, through this a even afterwards. >> reporter: part of the debate between supporters and detractors is motive. one of the accusers, 20-year-old maurice robinson was arrested over the summer in connection with a burglary at long's church. the case is still pending. there was talk today mike eddie
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long might talk to the media about these allegations. a spokesperson says that will not happen. >> in decatur, georgia. thanks very much. it's 16 after the hour, once again, here's meredith. there is word rescue for the miners trapped in a chilean mine is ahead of schedule. natae has made her way to the mine in copiopi, chile. >> reporter: good morning to you. you can see all the activity at thdrilling site behind me. threeowerful drills working 24-7 to try to dig a rescue tunnel to the mine they're making good headway for the rescue. >> reporter: it's a new day for camp hope, the families waiting since august 5th, the day their family crumbled into the mine that swallowed their loved ones.
7:17 am
crown raleigh, known affectionately feels it's his duty to help here. the kids need happiness, he says. life goes on here, as best it can. spirits remain high as they cling to letters from their loved ones brought up almost daily from the mine. nearly a half mile below, and for 50 ds now, the miners are trying to get on with their s subterranean existence. they kw getting out safely is as much up to them ast is to their rescuers. they've shown nothing but resilience. even finding their own way to celebrate chile's independence day this past weekend. but good attitudes aren't enough. the key to their survival, daily deliveries, thanks to doves, through a 3 inch shaft, brings them food three times a day, medicine and vitamins.
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to maintain normalcy, the men mimic a routine of day and night with lamps. they communicate rularly with their families. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: on wednesday, the loved ones of alex vega celebrated his birthday, celebrating through a hook-up. they have even been sent cigarettes and projector screen, allowing them to watch soccer and movies. work also helps. the men have shifts where they help clearhe rock from the drilling. where heed da-- wednesday, they recovered a part of a drill that had been detached. >> so far, they're helping this operation, giving us tips what they're seeing down there versus what we're seeing on the surface. >> reporter: brandon is one of a small group on the surface racing to help the miners. he has experience in a rescue helping pull out the miners from
7:19 am
the mine disaster in pennsylvania. >> it's close to our heart and we wanted to come down here and do something. >>eporter: late last week, their drill, known as plan b, was the first to break through the chamber where the 33 had been trapped. >> everyone on site started hugging. it was a defining moment. >> reporter: just like quecreek, the chilly rescue plan wl entail sending a bullet shaped steel capsule expected to be completed by next week, 8 feet long and only 21 inches in diameter, big enough to pull the men to the surface. for the families keeping a daily vigil here, hope, a new day will bring them one day closer to their loved ones. the lead engineer says the earliesthey might expect a rescue now would be the first week of november, although some family members are hoping it could be even sooner than that. perhaps a best iication that rescue capsule is expected here
7:20 am
next week. >> natalie, how far down have they been able to drill so r? >> reporter: as i mentioned, there are three competi competing -- three drills here now actively working on the site. one of those drills has actually made it more than halfway down, into the mine shaft where they are. a lot of progress being made here. ther are high hopes it could be sooner than the christmas time frame they had been talking about earlier. >> their spirits are quite amazing. natalie morales, thank you so much. >> reporter: amazing, sure. the pregnant womans who lower body had to be cut in half to remove a large tumor. both she and her baby are doing fine. we will be talking to tha woman. fi
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right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in ryland-- and why in these tough times i've put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozenollege tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in every neighborhood,
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i know that we must do even better. just ahead, what's it like to b a member of a polygamous
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family? we'll ask this man and his wife's. and katy perry and what has some parents upset. we'll talk about that after the local news and weather. that i want to do completely on my own- i like to discuss my ideas with someone. that's what i like about fidelity. they talked with me one on one, so we could come up with a plan that's right for me, and they worked with m to help me stay on track -- or sometimes, help mget on an even better one. woman: there you go, brian. thanks, guys. man: see ya. fidelity investments. turn here.
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good morning. it's 7:26. i'm joe krebs. "news 4 today" in a few hours. a much anticipated meeting takes place. d.cs michelle rhee will be meeting. criticized for firing teachers and closing schools. their meeting is scheduled to take place at noon building wind farms and
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expanding clean energy manufacturing. but in america, gridlock has held us back. now, the senate can change that - by passing a renewablelectricity standard. it will spur development of clean energy and boost manufacturing in america, creating hundreds of thousands new jobs. so we can make our own energy fure - not just buy it from china. call your senators and urge them to pass a renewable electricity standard today
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good morning. partly cloudy and mild now arund the region. generally in the 60s. low 70s in washington and right near the bay. a few sprinkles in northern frederick county, maryland. elsewhere, no prescription on this thuday morning. afternoon highs should climb into the low 90s and it will be rather humid. hot again on friday, but cooler or the weekend. jerry, how's the traffic. >> loaded up now. 270 southbound as you head from germantown on down. and one more stop loaded up because of the sunshine. 66 jammed to at least centreville all the way in. >> a new thursday night comedy >> a new thursday night comedy "outsourced," premi to me a great fashion story is about taking what's out there and making it work for my readers.
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7:30 on thursday morning, the 23rd of september, 2010. smiling faces on the plaza. this first full day of fl feels much more like the first full day of summer, temperatures in the 80s today. more in a couple minutes. and alongside meredith vieira, major changes in health care take effect today. spite the fact we've been talking about this f it seems like years now, today is the day some of the provisions of the new health care legislation take effect. how will you be affected if you get your iurance through work or pay for your own insurance, aners to those questions coming up in a couple minutes. also ahead, a rare look inside the daily life of a polygamous family, the browns, one man, four wives and 16 children, are the focus of a new reality show getting a lot of attentn. we will meet them coming up. also ahead on monday, we sit
7:31 am
down with president obama for an exclusive live interview that will kick off "education nation," to look at the state of education and iroving it. we want your questions for the president. submit them at our website at andubmit your questions live, a full half hour live from the white house. meanwhile, let' begin with an amazing story, a pregnant woman whose lower body had to be cut in half to surve what was an untreatable cancer. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, meredith. janet olson w 31 years old and prnant when doctors told her she had a rare form of bone cancer. her only shot at life wasisky surgery with majorconsequences. doctors performed the groundbreaking procedure documenting it with video and provided it to nbc news. janet olson is a mother of two
7:32 am
with a survivor's story. she was pregnant with her second child and started having back pain. >> it was pretty brutal pain that started out with i guess what a lot of people have in pregnancy but it got worse very very quickly. >> reporter: she went to see doctors in their native canada, she news was shocking. janis had untreatable bone ncer in her pelvis, a tumor the size of a woman's hand. doctors said the only way to get the tumor was to cut off the lower part of her body and put her back together again. the risk was enormous. janis would lose one of her legs and no guarantee her remaining leg would be okay. >> their goal was for me to survive, to see my babies ow. >> reporter: surgery could not be done ile janis was pregnant and she had her baby delivered early by c-section. her son, leland, was bor healthy but janis had a tough
7:33 am
road ahead. her family traveled to the mayo clinic in minnesota. and they practiced on cadavers. >> she w the first person we tried it on. >> reporter: doctors called the pelvic construction pogo stick rebuild performed in two separate operations. during the first procedure, the surgical team removed janis' left leg, half of her pelvis where the tumor was located, h tailbone an left spine. in the sond operation, they took the top portion of the leg removed, rotated it and secured it to her pelvis. then, they shifted her right leg and pelvis and attached it to her spine. the cancer removed, anjanis was able to find new ways to get around. she has a prosthetic leg with her left side and even goes s w
7:34 am
snowmobiling with her family. >> i'm driving and a signf my rehabilitation. >> reporter: she is cancer-free and looking forward to a long and fulfilling life. >> if it wasn't for the mayo clinic, i wouldn't be here today and my baby wouldn't know me and my 4-year-old forgotten me right now. >> theris a chance the cancer could come back but right now, she's living a happy, healthy life >> thank you. good morning. you talked to janis, who went through this ordeal las night. how is she doing? >> i spoke to her last night. she's terrific. 3 1/2 years out and a real list. she knew this would be a big surgery. because she has kids at home. there is no option. i'm a mom. i'm willing to go to the mayo clinic and do something they have never done before. >> they only did this on a cadaver. >> a pelvis is a funny struckture, you don't think abou it, what our babies
7:35 am
pass-through and leg bone goes through. you don't think about it. if you think about it, it destabilizes the whole lower body. the idea they took a piece of the amputated leg and sort of put it back into sort of as an anchor, that's the pogo stick part, to reanchor this. the fact this piece is coming out right now, that part is the lower spine, really mea her right pelvis has nothing to attach itself to. you have a spine and a right leg and nothing. this piece of bone they just reinserted allows the pelvis to be feuds to the lower spe. so her right leg had to be moved in a little bit. when that happened, she had some nerve damage to her leg. but this at least gives her some stability. this is a partially functioning right leg. she can bend it at the knee. it does have some areas of numbness. it functions reasonably well. when she puts therosthesis on, her big bucket you saw, it gives
7:36 am
her two pieces, two legs to balance on. she c move with crutches, she prefers a walker. around the house, she really stays in a wheelchair most of the time. >> how risky was that surgery for her? the risky of it is a big surgery. the headlines say a woman cut in half like houdini. what they reall did was take off half of her lower body. the risk, it's never been done before. a huge surgery. every surgeon will tell you, we can take out anything. the real challenge isow do you put somebody back together. that's what makes this novel and makes th so courageous. she has an sarcoma, an aggressive tumor of the bone. they will still follow her very carefully at the mayo clinic. it allows this won, one, to have a life, and two, reclaim her am bulation to t best of her ability and very brave on the part of the docrs that they both trust each other, what can be done.
7:37 am
this is a real leap of faith on her part. >> she wanted to be there for her kids. >> she is really a cool woman. you will enjoy meeting her. >> we will be seeing her tomorrow. thank you very much. >> janis will be joining us live tomorrow on "today." now, a cck of the weather from al. today's weather is brought to
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good morning. sun is up, and a partly cloudy sky. the live view from our sky watcher camera looking off to the east. and we've got the golden sunlight coming through. we'vet had some clouds passing through with sprinkles and showers in northern maryland. it's pretty much dissipated. and elsewhere clouds coming through in the mid-60s, low 70s. we should hit the 90s by the afternoon and tomorrow. could get some rain. latest wea. >> all right, mr. roker. thanks. the gang'sll here. we want to talk about something. a new duet featuring katperry that has some pents calling foul. take a look. ♪ ♪
7:39 am
>> so apparently what some people are upset about is perhaps the outfit katperry is wearing, along wit this iconic television character, elmo, with the cleavage. i've gone completely wishy-why on this. my first reaction was maybe it's not right, the more i look at it, i don't think there's anything wrong with it. >> i don't either, to be honest with you. i think children have seen those. almost like a ballerina's outfit. >> that was kind of a cartoon character already. >> i think what was probably more offensive to some people is when elmo was in the silk pajamas smoking a cigarette. >> you're joking? >> however, i joke. i don't know. i think that's people picking a fight there. >> we should call elmo for an interview. he was running from her. i know my 21-year-old son has been watching "sesame street" like crazy.
7:40 am
i found that fascinating. >> there you go. what do you think is a video too risque for "sesame street"? logon to >> we will get an earful. a lot of people do not find that okay. >> in that case, i think it's offensive. >> wishy-washy. meanwhile, up next, a major health care change taking effect today. you need to know right after this. for an off-road vehicle, ask about the skid plates. ask if they're a full-protection five-piece package. ask if they're solid steel. or...don't ask. but you'll find out eventually. ♪ and then there's most complete,
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we're back now at 7:43. this morning on today's health, health care rules, several provisions of the health care reform law kick in for you. what does that mean? cnbc bertha coombs is here. good morning to you. we've been talking about this for years. today is when we see some of these changes taking place. give me the headlines. what will people see? >> the whole plan starts in 2013, when people can buy into it. a lot of protections and expanded coverage start today on the six month anniversary passage of thebill. one of the big ones is no more lifetime limit on insurance
7:44 am
benefits. this is important for people with hemaphili or cancer. you can't max out. the yearly limits are more generous, up to $750,000. also, the big one a lot of people have looked at, now, you can keep your adult child up to their 26th birthday on ur plan. 30% of young adults between 18 and 24 are uninsured because a lot of them don't have jobs that pay them insurance. >> let's stop here. i know ts is something you think universally, people should say, great, let the employer put that childn the plan. you think there is a way you should actually compare costs because you may be able to get a high deductible policy outside your employers plan and save money? >> exactly,epending where you live. i talked to a number of analysts who say you should crunch the numbers here. employers make you pay more o of the pocket, more of the cost for that dependent care, particularly if you're adding back a young adult, depending where you live, you might be
7:45 am
able to get a high deductible an cheaper in a state like california, for example. >> preventive care also becomes covered under policy. if y buy your own insurance, the same three big provisions apply. any other changes? >> also extra protection on preventive care, that cludes not just annual exams, mammograms, colon ost tomys, baby visits and child immunization visits as well. free now, no co-pays. if you buy your own insurance, there are also new protections in terms of children with pre-existing conditions, can't be denied insurance. if you look for a policy only for your child, you may have a more difficult time finding one of those. a lot of insurers worry they will only have to cover sick children, so they will not offer that. they will give it to you if y do a family plan. >> real quickly at the end, i want to give tips of yours, way to save money.
7:46 am
stay in your network, that always helps you save money. drugs, use generics. >> use gernernernics and mail s orders, rather than 30 day prescription, get a 90 day prescription. >> and take advtage of the wellness incentiv. >> and tax-free savings plans, flexible savings plans if you are on your employers or a high deductible that say you pay more out-of-pocket for the benefit of lower premiums but you can save with heah savings accounts have the befit those roll over and can boost your health dollars by 30% because you're notaying tax on it. >> thanks. i appreciate it. 7:46. up next, the beauty bandit learns her fate for allegedly stealing cosmetic treatments. first, these messages. e healthc.
7:47 am
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sweet n' sour filled twizzlers. the twist you can't resist. challenge the need for such heavy measures with olay. new regenerist micro-sculpting serum for firmer skin in 5 days. pretty heavy lifti for such a lightweight. [ female announcer ] olay regenerist. now to south florida where the so-called "beauty bandit" finally had her day in urt. nbc's reporter is in a plastic suite in behar bore where they have to get paid up front or theyay not get paid at all. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, meredith. the american society of plastic surgeons estimates as a nation last year, we spent $10 billion onsurgeries. as you'll see, the cost of going under the knife sometimes is so deep, often the patients who
7:50 am
come in on tables like this have the procedures even though they cannot afford the cut. with a blank ankle monitor strapped just over her matching stiletto heels, the so-called beauty bandit paraded int a miami-dade court to be dged. her appearance before this bar on charges of grand theft, identity theft and fraud. precutors say 29-year-old maa christen, obsessed with her looks, systematically visited various south florida plastic surgery clinics, getting botox injections, sculpting her look. the price of beauty, more than $5,000. every time, she cut out before paying. >> this is the first time i had anybody accused of stealing botox. her lawyer says the deal offered by prosecutors wasicture perfect. restitution to the doctors, a $500 fine and community service. >> i'm just glad i'm off my
7:51 am
house arrest and can move on with my life. >> reporter: the unemployed beauty bandit still faces charges innother jurisdiction, although on her facebook pag which has dozens of photos, some not appropriate for television, she claims that plastic surgery paent, who nipped out after tucking her walleteep in her purse was a look alike, not her. her features are very unique. i could see her in china and i know that it was her. >> reporter: her monitor is off. like cellulite, there's no omise it won't come back. the terms of her sentence require strict attention. the beauty bandit offered no excuses. but her lawyer did try to explain. >> everybody wants to look fabulous. >> rorter: the doctor uses this surgical suite here was also tripped by a group of bandits to the tune of more than
7:52 am
$50,000. the fbi investigated. often this is how t scam works, the patient shows up with a false name. when the doctor wants to take the fore photograph, i'm sorry, i can't do it, i'm under a modeling contract and after the procedure, they slip away, no evidence and no way toind them. >> dead beats are dead ats. thanks. just ahead, the inner workings of a polygamous family. we'll meet one man and his four wives. >> and we'll take to tina fey. first your local news.
7:53 am
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7:56 am
some sunshine as well. we'll get the latest. good morning. i'm joe krebs. in the news 4 todayyou'll see security changes in pentagon. beginning monday you'll have to deal with a new pedestrian pattern. employee checkpoints will be farther away from the building most of the days. that's all due to a shooting earlier in the year that left two pentagon workers wounded and a gunman dead. virginia is expected to carry out the executi of a woman in nearly 100 years tonight. theresa williams will die at the greensville correctional center. she's guilty of hiring two men to kill her husband and stepson in order to collect a $250,000 insurance payoff. we'll come back and take
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning. we have a few clouds floating. sunshine as well. temperatures in the 60s to near 70. highs today should make it into the low 90s with rather humid conditions. tomorrow a little less humid but still on the hot side by mid afternoon, mid h 90s. clouds on sunday.
7:59 am
jerry, how's the traffic. 66 crawling most of the way. manassas, very few breaks. broken down vehicle on the beltway near vienna. southbound at old georgetown roa police are on the scene. look for days in germantown. >> thanks, we'll have more news, weather, and traffic. join us
8:00 am
morning, 23rd of september, 2010. we're on the rockefeller plaza roof. good to have you. we talk about the return of "30 rock" toght. >> fifth season. they said it wouldn't last. >> it did, though. >> it has. >> also ahead, if you like the program "big love," we will meet a polygamous family, a guy who has three wives and about to add a fourth way of to the fold. >> they did, actually, they got married in may. >> it's a complicated existence. we will be talking to them about that in a little while. >> the thing we always worry about is the self esteem.
8:01 am
bobbie brown is here to show us how to tell our daughters t accept how they look on the outside but the beauty within. and the headlines with ann curry at the newsdesk. >> thanks a lot. good morning. president obama is sharing his vision for an independent palestine estate before a major address at the u.n. assembly and saying they will never know true security and the palestinians never know the dignity of state hood without the peace talks resuming this month and urging others to support the solution of an indepdent palestine within one ar. troubled schools in new jersey are about to getuge gift from facebook founder, mark zuckerberg. with a net worth of $2 billion, he's give an gift of $100 million for the schools there. in san bruno, california, the number of deaths from the
8:02 am
explosion, three deaths and fr other people still hospitalized. an egg farmer owner is offering and apology and he and the others promised a skeptical congress on wednesday, they have changed the way they do business. tom has details now. >> reporter: withi minutes of appearing before congress, the man at the center of the salmonella egg recall issd a very public mea culpa. >> we apologize to everyone who may have been sickened by eating our eggs. >> reporter: members of congres had little patience for austin jack and his son, ter. the video on the way documents dead hens and dead mice and manure. >> the conditions in your facility were not clean, not sanitary, filthy. >> this is a very big operation.
8:03 am
we have a certain way we go about running it. >> reporter: meanwhile, the president of the second iowa farm involved took the fifth amendmt when asked to testify. >> i respectfully decline to answer the question. >> reporter: the salmonella outbreak is said to have sickened 1600 people and thousands more in 22 states. >> i'm angry they have gotten by with it a haven't cleaned up their act. >> reporter: with investigators zeroing on their iowa farm, they're suggesting someone else, a feed provir may be responsible for the salmonella but also promising to clean up their own farms. tom castello, nbc news, washington cattle isn't thing on thing they round up in texas. this more than 500 pound alligator was found living in a pond on an east texas ranch. wildlife officials used a lasso to pull him out. he's now been sent to a private farm for rescued reptiles.
8:04 am
it is something you don't see every day. now, let's go outside to matt and meredith. >> yes. a check of t weather, al.
8:05 am
good morning. the air is mild and soft on this thursday morning. we hve some sunshine and a few clouds cing through. low to mid-70s in washington and right near the waters. highs today low 90s. till on the hot site tomorrow afternoon in the mid-90s. we should get cooler on saturday. easterly wind bringing in some clouds and a small chance of a shower on sunday. may get some rain next week. that's your latest weather. >> when we come back, one man, four wives, we'll talk to them right after these messages. rise and shine!
8:06 am
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we are back at 8:09. these days, families include single parents, step parents, single moms and two dads and one series is about to document one man and multiple wives. sist ster wives takes you into the relationship of one man and three wives and the addition of wife number four. >> 20 years ago i married meri and then janelle and 16 years ago, i married christine. i fell in love and then i fell in love again and then i fell in love again. >> they're live with us. good morning to you all.
8:10 am
>> good morning. >> thiss the kind of lifestyle most pple would not embrace and certainly don't understand. let me start with you, kody you did not come from a plural family as it is call. your dad was not a polygamist. what led you down this path? what made you choose polygamy? >> it was faith based. part of a faith belief. i followed through with it and this is kind of where it landed. >> you started with meri, the first woman you married. your dad was a polygamous and you undetood this lifestyle. >> yes. >> this is technically the only legal marriage you have in the state of utah. the rest of the marriagesre not considered legal or not? >> no. >> meri, you get into this situation. did you assume other wives will come? >> at the time we g married, we both knew it was something we were going to live. this is a lifestyle we were adopting.
8:11 am
>> after you,here was janelle and then christine and then robyn, you came a little bit later, so i will hol off on you a moment. all of you chose to accept it. why did you want multiple wives? beyondreligion, tell me specificly. u had meri, obviously, you were happy. >> i know you're asking kody. it's ith, a faith decision. we -- anyway. >> what is it they say? >> faith is about family. it's about working tether and overcoming our faults, and raising beautiful children and having a happy family and respectfully, we interpreter it and many of ourriends interpreter it the same way. >> i like to call it accelerating personal development. dealing with a lot of challenges. >> one way to put . once you have been watching the series, i was given three episodes to watch. so the viewers understand, the threef you -- we'll get to you
8:12 am
in second, robyn. for 16 years, you all have lived in one home together. it was after you had married all three women you actuay all started having children. now, we're up to 13 kids. explain to me how the house functions on a day-to-day basis. meri, you like the way things work? >> i do. i do. i like the way it works. you know, as far as our interaction, the kids have all been raised all together, as a family, and they just interact really well together. they're siblings and they love each other. i don't know. it just works really well. >> we didn't all live all together all the time. before we lived in the house we live in now, we askedhe kids what they wanted. we said, doou want to live in three separate houses or do you want to have one big house? they were all like, one big house! they really like it. it really works well for us. we have three separate apartments in the house, but we all still live together in that house. >> the children now attend a private school, that's not
8:13 am
correct? >> no. they did attend private school. >> now, we're all in puic, except for one. >> except for one. the number one question you get asked, i think i know what it will be, christine, about people who don't understand the lifestyle. >> they ask us. how do you make it all work? what about jealousy? >> what about jealousy? >> jealousy is a natural feeling everybody feels. as long as you know who you are, i think all of us, every woman needs to fee confident in who they are. that's really how you handle anything. >> for me, for my own experience, jealousy is almost always an insecurity, something i'm insecure about is causing me to feel bad. i had to really find my own voice, be able to embrace who i was as a person and enjoy my strengths and be able to recognize everybody else's strengths, too. when you become confident in who
8:14 am
you are -- >> you don't need anyone to tell you you're okay. >> yeah. i feel like i -- >> sharing -- >> the question is h can you share one man, all three women? >> it's not sharing, it's like you are getting -he's a really great guy because h knows how to do this. in order -- it's like you get this part of this really great awese person. it's not even like you have a quarter. >> i don't feel like -- it's family. >> how does it work, to get to the nitty-gritty. every night, do you stay with a different wife? >> yeah. we have to schedule, rotate through a schedule, so everybody gets their time. we try to be fair with the time, try to be fair with the relationship and we function very well gether. the group of us actually do things together. >> when you came into the picture, robyn, about a year ago. >> yeah. >> at first, the other ladies, based on the sees, weren't so sure because they had this nice
8:15 am
zen going and you particularly expressed some of your frustrations and worried. the was a jealousy about her. why worry? everybody else was fine, when she comes along, it's just one more wife. >> honely, i was shocked, too. it was soard for me. you see that me when you watcist ster wivwatch "sister wives." it surprised me, too, because i've always been secure in who i am. >> you have to understand, chriine is asome, so sweet. >> it surprised me christine struggled. >> it reshuffled everything, a group basket upset. it chang things. you have to sort of discover yourself again or rediscover yourself. >> find out what your strengths are again. >> the thing is when you have -- christine was married last, that was 16 years ago. it's taken a lot of the 16 years to be able to gw together and become so comfortableith each
8:16 am
other. then, yeah, when something else is thrown into themix, things will shuffle things up. >> what about your kids, one of your daughters in the series says this right out, she says when she gets ready to make a decisionshe does not want to be in a plural family. >> i encourage that in my children. i had to make a choice. i didn't grow up in this faith. i chose the faith as an adul i want my children to have that same choice. i think we all talk to our children i talk to my children about choice and consequence in a way my parents never discussed with me because i want them to understand that any choice, whether it's who they marry, what religion, what school, they all haveo have -- you have to be able to be comfortable with your choice and accept the path that put you on. >> kody, you're in sales and early on, you say, the one thing you've been trying to do is basically keep your lifestyle secret from the general public. you've blown the cover
8:17 am
obviously, why did you decide, i am going to go forward with this. a lot of people will look at this and go, whoa, it' not my cup of tea. >> i'm not trying to sell it to the world. when you're in a closed society, you feel kind of -- >> oppressed. >> oppressed. exactly. >> it's dangerous. we're hoping that we can create more transparency for those in our faith. there is a lot of fear in our culture about the government. sometimes people in those instances, where there is things going wrong, they're more afraid of the government than they are of the perpetrator or whatever is going on. we hope we can openhis up. >> there is a lot of bad media about polygamy and this way of life and hoping to dispel this and say, hey, that's not us, that's not our family. >> okay. i have to point out at this point it is illegal. we have to point out. kody, thank you so much, meri, janee, christine and robyn.
8:18 am
"sister wives" premiers on tlc. up next, "30 rock." credit card rewards are always good in theory. sometimes i would get rewards, sometimes i wouldn't. this one card i had -- there were all these rules. rules and restrictions. oh, and limits. [ scoffs ] forget about it. but i love this card. bankamericard cash rewards credit card. 1% cash back on everything i buy. period. no limit to the amount of cash back i can get. no hoops to jump through. simple. [ male aouncer ] the refreshing simple bankamericard cash rewards credit card.
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see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers on the c-class. pestora. tina fey and the cast of the emmy award winning "30 rock" returns. and the show is back for its fifth season as well. as wen ter the fifth season of tgs. remember, no one ever thought we would make it this far. >> that was actually an oversight. jenna has crazy stuff in her contract that kicks in now. >> like what? >> eye contact. everyone must make eye contact with miss maroney all time. she also gets a producer credit. that makes everyone feel more important. like ast ashton curb -- or secry
8:22 am
of state hillary clinton. >> did you feel like this was not a reality? >> i thought i will have a dvd i can show my friends and we're here five years later. >> were the doubters thinkg it was too much baseball ornside new york city or new york centric for the rest of the country? >> yeah. it really is more about this office and people that work together and how much they care about each other. yeah. i think that was the concern in the beginning. also, we're all very old. >> wrong demograpc? >> wrong demographic. >> because you are performer, people think, she's the star of the show. you're at heart a writer. that's what you do. when you hear a win the awards and emmy's and golden globes, that's not why you put the show on the air but it has to be a nice bit of positive reinforcement? >> sure. i think it helps us survive a couple years, to have that kind of recognition. we're always grateful when anything like that com our way. >> this season, the show did not win the emmy for best comedy
8:23 am
show. >> no! >> does that serve -- she weeps openly on the show. does that light aire under the staff? >> for me, going to the emmy's, it was just thrilling that there's so many new shows people are excited out. comedy succeeding is good for everybody across the board. i didn't really sweat it. i think we hav always a fire, a constant fire. our staff works really hard. we work ourselves to death. >> at the end of last season, you worked yourself to death with matt damon. >> yes. >> a little romantic interest for your character. is he back? >> he is back on the season premier tonight, plays a guy named carol, a pilot i'm dating, which, of course, makes complete sense. he's really really funny and we're so grateful he is back. >> are you at thetage with the show, tina, where agents for stars are calling you guys? >> we have always been very lucky, some peopl will approach us. matt did actually come up us to at the s.a.g. awards and say, i
8:24 am
want to be on the show! okay. >> little did he know you'd take him up on it. >> okay. >> i was reading about you, as popular as you are and have achieved a level of success few people have not, you're not on facebook and do not tweet. >> i do not tweet. >> why and -- neither do i, by the way. >> writing is work and i don't want to drop half-baked things into the universe allhe time. i don't know how anyone has time to do all this. i have a ki i'm at wk. i don't have time to type what kind of sandwich i had into the computer and into the universe. >> don't you worry if you're out ere tweeting, everybody who would read it would expect you to be hilarious with every single tweet? >> it would be too hard although steve marn is tweeting now and it is rlly funny? >> so you follow it?
8:25 am
>> i was looking it up and it was really funny. >> so yore a closet tweeter. >> i didn't mean to offend you. >> you took part in the opening sequence, which was hilarious, what's it like to do something like that? >> it was really fun. we were doing nerds in a high school show. we were backstage, jon hamm, jorge from "lost," practicing ov and over. it actually made the weekend fun. there i am, 40 years old, dancing. look at jon hamm, what an idiot. >> he was here t other day. congratulations on coming back. good luck tonight. 830. >> 830. >> 7:30 central time on nbc. ju ahead, teaching teens about beay from the inside-out. >> i will do that. >> you do? >> i will do that. >> your local news and weather.
8:26 am
8:26 is your time now. 77 degrees. another warm day ahead of you. tom will have yourorecast right after the news. good morning. i'm eun yang. chancellor mick shell re, she is to meet with vincent gray today at noon. gray has criticized rhee in the past. last year she let about 200 achers go in budget woes. he said he would recon
8:27 am
right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i'veut education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it's working. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanng opportunity in eve neighborhood, i know that we must do even better.
8:28 am
good morning. we have a few clouds drifting through. temperatures upper 60s to near 70. we'll see a climb today into the low 90s. it's going to be rather humid throughout the day. a little lower humidity tomorrow, but still a hot afternoon. cool over the weekend. how's the traffic, jerry? >> time to take a look. you utown jammed on the westbound freeway or 395 if you will. hadan accident before the 14th street bridge. police are wrapping that up. 66, craing on the way in. brokenown vehicle in the right lane. you're going to have to stay to the left. eun? >> thank you. we'll have more news, weather, afterrack.
8:29 am
8:30 am
thursday morning, the 23rd day of september, 2010. it's another beautiful morning here in the northeast. we have temperatures in the 80s today, even though it's the first full day of fall. out on the plaza with these nice people, i'm matt lauer with meredith vieira, al roker and ann curry on the end, coming up with important information for women and ovarian cancer. >> this month is ovarian areness month and connie needham opens up about her battle with the disease and how to recognize the symptoms and what you can do to reduce your
8:31 am
risk. also comin up this morning, talking to bobbie brow she has a new book out targeting teens and involves also a survey that found that a lotf teenagers when asked where beauty really comes from, had the right answers, that it comes from the inside. we'll get to some of that coming up. you know what happens in one week. >> at? >> right here on the plaza, melissa and jeremy getting married. that's right. we need you toick their wedding cake. check out the optns on our website at or or text your votes. >> they look good. >> there is a new comedy debut, called outsource. ben rappaport is one of the new stars of the show. ho are you? nice to see you. congratulations. ben's character in the show
8:32 am
works for a company "this is my dream jo an american novelty company that make s cushions. how did you get that job? >> i auditioned. >> tell me a little bit more about the show. >> it starts out, i come io work one day and find out the whole office has been fired. it's empty. my boss goes, well, you can have a choice, you can get fired, too, or go to india and run t cal center, so [ speaking foreign language ] he goes to india and runs the cal center. >> is it true the actors get together and perform karaoke as a group? >> before we shot the pilot, the producer sent us to correia town in l.a. and made us sing songs our character would sing and send an ad along to make sure we stayed on task and didn't just have fun. it got out of hand. >> it worked? >> yeah, it did work. at the end, we are singing "we
8:33 am
are the wod." >> kumbaya. >> strange. >> you just recently graduated from jul yard and did off broadway. you were working as a caterer when you got this gig? >> i was. >> this is really a great story. >> thank you. i was working on a broadway theater selling expensive water bottles to people. i was catering at parties with models and fashion people. try serving aodel a cocktail. >> and apparently, you're also kind of a bit of a socc soccer -- because you actually-you guys -- we ran into each other aouple years ago back at julliard actually. yeah. the "rolling stone"s came and played a surprise concert at julliard, i was coming out of class and i had tights on. >> so did matt. >> yeah. he was down the hallway.
8:34 am
>> can i take a picture with you? he beckoned to you. >> he beckoned to me. >> can i take a picture with you for my mom? she's a huge fan. he was nice. there's the picture, yeah. >> congratulati
8:35 am
good morning. here we've got some sunshine, a few clouds drifting through. its rather humid. it's 74 in washington, a bit milder near the bay. afternoon high should make it into the low 90s. it will be rather humid today. tomorrow, humid but during the afternoon it may briefly hit mid-et 0s. tomorrow's high, 94. over the weekend turning cooler. sunday could get clouds. small chance of a shower. highs in the 70s. and don't forget, you can get your weather any time of the day or night at online but you can only get willard right now. uncle willie! >> reporter: how sweet it is. this is the time of the year, leaves begin to change, get an apple and make a pie. happy birthday from smuckers. take a look, if you will. we're always glad to say hello to reverend elizabeth walton,
8:36 am
california, 101, became a minister at 91 and she still serves as co-pastor. god love her. how about that? jenny diaz, from clear wwater, florida, attributes longety to her belief that age is just a number. 107. jerry sutton of elkin, maryland. e -- he is 100 years old today. owns and operates a motel he's had for years. some of his customers go back to see him and stay at the motel. florence ehlert of alpharetta, georgia, 106 years old, takes mow medicine. rode a motorcycle when she was 105 and will do it by herself next time next year. and kitty weaver, 100 years old, climbed up the great wall of
8:37 am
china at 84. a beautiful lady, well respected lady. dorothy walley of colvil, washington state. 100 years old, opened up a mobile blood center and received all kinds of awards for that. frances robinson, 101 years old, secret to longevity, drinking a glass of pia. not a bad idea. likes to laugh a lot. now, back to t great city of new york, the big apple. >> thank you so much, willard. in our last hour, we introduced you to kody brown and his four wives part of the tlc show, "sisters wives" and polygamy. if you'd like to ask any questions, send them in. and bobbie brown has secrets for us.
8:38 am
man: we need a sofa. something i ca stretch out on! woman: ooh.. that will go with those lamps my mother gave us. or we could get some new lamps. or we could get no sofa.
8:39 am
negotiating, eh? you got it! hoabout a nice home for our tv? how about doors to hideth? how about a cowhide rug? yee-haw! and the snacks? get their own place. let the marathon begin!
8:40 am
back at 8:40, this morning, "today"'s health, ovarian cancer. with early detection, it is 90% curable. one of the women impacted by the disease is actress connie needham, former star of the hit show "eight is enough" and the ce of the women's cancer foundation. >> when i was first cast on "eight is enough." it was so exciting. i was 15ears old, sophomore in high school. >> it was the first television work she had done. not long after she was married and started a family. taking a break from acting, connie chose to focus on her children.
8:41 am
more than 25 years later, n divorced, connie faced a life changing diagnosis. >> i noticed my energy level dropping. i started to have some bloating i thought at first, becse it was so gradual, i was just putting on weight because i was getting older. finally, i staed to have a little tuble breathing. that sent me to the doctor. >> connie had an ultra sound and with that came the devastating news. >> in may of 2009, i was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. >> she was scheduled to have a complete histrectomy, followed by months of chemotherapy. >> i called my mom. that was especially hard. the final conveation ahead to have was with my ughters. i was able to explain what was going to happen, what was going on, what i had, at the sa time, there was no reason to think the worst. >> her surgery was a success and fortunately for connie, the side
8:42 am
effects from the tatment were manageable, allowing her to appear on "today" last march. >> i african-american feeling fantast . >> i am feeling fantastic. the treatment i was having at that time allowed me to recover enough to feel pretty good. i had my last chemotreatment on july 21st of 2010. >> two months later, connie is back on track and cancer-free, but still under doctor's care >> today, i feel fantastic. i feel like myself again. i feel excited and motivated and emotionally fantastic. physically, i need to get back in shape. >> and her message to women fighting ovarian cancer day? >> there is hope. there is amazing progress.
8:43 am
people are getting better. let goodness in. >> today's contributor, dr. rosh, good morning to you. what is ovarian cancer. >> it occurs whe cells in your ovary overpopulate, get a genetic mutation that causes them to grow uncontrollably and can spread to other parts of the abdomen. >> until recently, it was known as a silent killer and some of the symptoms are non-specific and by the time you realize you have ovarian cancer, it may be out of ctrol or spread. what are the warning signs? >> search has shown they can be very vague. >> like bloating? >> exactly, bloating or feeling of abdominal fullness, seeing your abdomen get gger, abdominal pain and urinary frequency and things that could be signs of depression but also early signs of canr.
8:44 am
>> if you have these symptoms, at what point should you go to the dtor and at what point do you direct it to the doctor. >> people can have bloating for years and if it persists, talk to your doctor and tell him about your family's cancer history, and ask for an ultrasou ultrasound, the best way to detectit. >> talking about family history, connie has two daughters, are they more likely to develop it because she has it? >> they are. the point is test it because there are certain specific mutations, braca 1 and 2. and there are colon symptoms that elevate your risk and important to talk to your doctor about all the types of cancer in your family and whether that raises your risk? >> the general treatment? >> radiation and chemotherapy. >> there auccess stories and
8:45 am
connie is one of them. what is the news on the horizon when it comes to this disease? >> e goo news is we're becoming much me aware of these early symptoms. both doctors and patients are more aware and if you treat it rly, you have a good chance of surviving. >> any ways to prevent it? >> taking oral contraceptives. >> really? >> and having one child reduces your risk of ovarian cancer, breast-feeding reduces your risk or if you had a tubal ligation, that also reduces your risk. >> dr. roshini raj, thank you. how to get teen girls to embrace their beauty and stay true to themselves. ♪
8:46 am
[ male announcer ] it's luxury with fire in its veins. bold. ding. capable of moving your soul. ♪ and that's even before yo drop your foot on the pedal. ♪ the new 2011 cts coupe from cadillac. the new standard of the world.
8:47 am
this mning on today's
8:48 am
beau beauty, getting young women to be comfortable in their skin. bobbie brown sitting down with five young girls to feel beauty about what they see in the mirror. ♪ . >> how many of you guys have even worn makeup before? how old were you when you first started? do you remember? the fit time you wore it out of the house? >> i started wearing mascara to school in 6th grade. >> i was 9 years old. >> my mom this is onehat introduced me to makeup. i would always watch her. >> i have three brothers. it's not like girly in my hous i guess. with my friends in 7th grade, i started knowing what i had to do and got my makeup done at the mall. >> i was a dancer so i performed with makeup on and spoke to my mom about what she thinks would be like good for me to wear to school. she says to keep it natural.
8:49 am
>> i first wore in it 6th grade. i woke up really early to put on black eyeliner and mascara before school. and i remember being really excited about it. >> evyone here has like ridiculously perfect sk. >> thank you. >> what was that snicker? >> i like my sn but i find some flaws. >> i want a different nose. >> why? >> i don't like my nose. >> turn to the side. it looks like you bought that nose. what do you think when you look in the mirror? >> i really like, like my eyes. >> beauty comes so much from someone's energy a spirit and how they look. for me, i like to empower young girls or women to make themselves look like themselves but better. >> why wear makeup at all? just like you're wearing earrings or a necklace, makeup expresses your personality and about feelg good and helping
8:50 am
other people feel good. >> bobbi brown is out with a new book, called "beauty rules." lifetime essential and life lessons for teens. >> it's surprising how yong some of these young women were when they first wore makeup. >> i was in 7th grade. >> i was in high school. >> girls are bombarded with so many images daily and unrealisticmages of beauty and what you should look like. girls are more curious, as mothers teach their girls what to d instead of telling them what not to do,t's not a big deal. there's nothing wrong with a touch of makeup. >> you also make this big point, it's not how you look but who you are. it's what you're saying. it seems like a confusing message. >> it's not. i really believe the better you take care of yourself, the
8:51 am
better you feel. wearing a little makeup, there's a reason i'm wearing a little makeup going to the grocery store, i'm not going to a party, but appropriate, covering with concealer on a blemish for a teenager, feeling good when you walk in the door. there's enough angst when kids are young with their friends and everything. you don't want the look to take over, you want to feel good and empowethe girls. >> you're saying being conscious of the pressures on this age group is part of the - the -- neverthele, you commissioned a survey, more than 1,000 girls between the ages of 15 and 19 were askedquestions. two-thirds of them said self-confidence is one of the key attributes to making a woman beautiful. >> but young girls are also getting that message, that you ca about. >> i was so surprised and so happy when i heard. i could n be happier girls and women nowre starting to
8:52 am
realize, it's okay, be who you are. we're a very powerful gender and we can do anytng. you have to start young to know wh you can accomplish and be who you want to be. yes, i'm a makeup artist, not about what you're wearing on the runway, about your everyday life, how you feel good about yourself and empowering yourself. that's what hits a nerve. >> in this book, as you're targeting the youngest audience you ever talked to. >> my last teenage book is 10 years old and decided to write this one because so much has changed. the messages has not but thi has. >> what has changed? >> first of all, the internet, facebook, ey see more, know more, more sophisticated. about being age appropriate and doing the right thing and about loving your fckles, loving your curly nose. the book is full of makeup and beauty tips. the underlying message is you can see your semifinals in these girls. they're not one model in this
8:53 am
book, girls i picked up on the streets, waitresses, friends' daughters. you can find yourself in this book. if you feel good aut yourself and are comfortable, that's the biggest gift anyone can give their daughter. >> especially for girls who are not comfortable, this is a message they need to he. >> how many girls feel comfortable, i grew up as a teenage girl and i don't have daughters to deal with it, i have three boys. and it's eas to assume your smart friend, athletic friend is better than you are. >> who is this? >> gosh, that's me in my bedroom in chicago. nice. purple and pink. >> bobbi, we love you no matter how you look and who you are. the book is called "beauty rules." building wind farms and
8:54 am
expanding clean energy manufactung. but in america, gridlock has held us back. now, the senate can change that - by passing a renewable electricity standard. it will spur development of clean energy and boost manufacturing in america, creati hundreds of thousands of new jobs. so we can make our own energy future - not just buy it from china. call yousenato and urge them to pass a renewable electricity sta.
8:55 am
just ahead, we wil talk to the brown family, one man and his four wives. >> and what airlines are charging to check bags. 8:56 is your time. 76 degrees. tom will have your forecast right after the news. good morning.
8:56 am
i'm eun yang. topping the "news 4 today," a woman guilty of hiring two men to kill her husband and stepson will be executed tonight. theresa lewis will be the first woman to be executed in virginia in nearly a century. she will be executed at the greensville correctional center. she allegedly hred two men to kill her fily to collect a $250,000 insurance payment. on tuesday the u.s. supreme courrefused to block her exution. your weather and traffic are up next. think about the ternet.
8:57 am
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8:58 am
and we are committed to keeping the internet working, that's creating jobs now. working together, investing, keeping information and ideas flowing freely, we can ensure that the internet will contin to grow and influence the future... in ways we can only imagine. because the future has always been our business. at&t. . good morning. hers your four-day forecast. hot afternoon todayand tomorrow. cooler on saturday.
8:59 am
clouds around sunday. might produce a passing shower. how's the traffic, jerry? >> trying to wrap up the traffic rush hour with little success. an accident on georgetown road is cleared. 66. the good news is thebroken dn veen on 12 # is gone. eun? >> thank you. we'll have more news, weather, and traffic for you in just 25 and traffic for you in just 25 minutes, and right here in this neighborhood, i grew up learning strong families and hard work means opportunity. and that starts with good schools. it's a tradition here in maryland-- and why in these tough times i' put education first. we've made record investments in our classrooms... doubled the number of charter schools... and we've frozen college tuition for four years in a row. and it'sorking. experts say we now have the number one schools in the nation. when it comes to expanding opportunity in ery neighborhood, i know that we must do even better.
9:00 am
we're back. thursday morning, 23rd day of september, 2010. waer than normal temperatures for the first day of fall as mr. roker pushes us into the mid-80s. >> that's right. >> i'm not complainin >> it will be even warmer. >> and with us, tamra hall. nice to have you. >> good news. it appears they're making more progress than they expted down in chile with the miner trapped more than a half mile below the surface of the earth. they have been there 50 days now. and thought they might not get them until christmas and natalie morales is down there and there is a progress rept that might bump them up. 'll talk to natalie in a couple minutes. >> that is good news.
9:01 am
if you think marriage is tops, quite a story, four wives, 16 children. they claim very little drama. that's what they say. this group is now the focus of a tlc reality show, called "sister wives." look how adorable the show is. people are tweeting online and sending e-mails and we asked them to come back and answer questions from "today" show viewers. and questions about the jealousy and how you keep it together. there's a little drama. >> a tv show. >> there is a little drama. >> when they travel guess what? their luggage fee has to be tops. >> the king of segue. >> guess what? we have the baggage you need to travel because the airlines have been banking nearly 500% increase in fees. travel and leisure picked the best backs foryou. >> ever seen al's carry-on?
9:02 am
a nuclear powered thing. >> you climb insid itnd you're cool. >> ann curry has the news and the headlines. >> thanks. good mning. in the news, president obama today is urging the u.n. general assely to support the creation of an independent palestinian state within a year. the president says the rights of the palestinian people can only beon through peaceful means and israel will never be truly secure without sovereign and stable neighbors who are willing to coexist. today, republicans are unveiling a 21 page document they're calling their "pledge to america," a plan to cut taxes, repeal the health care cut overhaul and boost national security and reform congress. nato is confirming a taliban commander has been captured in southern afghanistan. he reportedly helped supply militants in the area with money and weapons. meanwhile,he army got its first female officer since the 1980s. 29 women graduated in kabul as
9:03 am
homegrown forces prepare to take the lead role for national security by 2014. and egg farmers apologized for the salmonella outbreak that sickened 1400 people and led to a massive recall this year and one took the fifth amendment. another recall involving containers of similac formula that may be contaminated with insect parts. more on this information at our website at video chain blockbuster is filing for bankruptcy protection as it tries to reorganize. it plans to keep its doors open.
9:04 am
9:05 am
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9:08 am
good morning. here we've got the sunshine on this thursday morning. we've got some humidity in the air as well. live view from the sky watcher cama looking toward the west. we have temperures climbing into 270s. 76 in washington. afternoon highs should climb into the low 90s with clouds in and out, and it's going to be rather humid today. loamer humidity should move in tomorrow. then cooler weather for the weekend. clouds around on sunday. highs of 70s, small chance of a shower. we have a nice group here.
9:09 am
ere are you guys from? >> atlanta. >> what's your name? the green family. you're the spokesperson. thank you, green family. now from the green family to tam r tamaran hall. >> now, whatne man would consider a family, one man, four wives and 16 kids and usually all get along. the new show, "sister wives" takes you inside a look at man who had three wives for 16 years and takes on wife number four. meri, christine, janelle and robyn are all here. people are really interested in this story. how do you make this happen and pull it off? you do it with a smile. this is part of your faith, right? >> right. >> you're not legally married to all of your wives, you're legally married to meri, your first wife. the other wives, you still
9:10 am
consider to be as important? >> right. >> you're a brief answering man. did your wives teach you this? do you say yes to every woman in your life? >> no, i n't. you know, just, in retro-thought, thought process, this is something i was driven to by my faith. and in retrospect, i think it's very important for the whole world to know that i would do it again, out of love. >> if you had the opportunity. we're in tough economic times it's hard enough for a family with two children to make it work, you have 16 wives and you're a salesman, how do you handle all the bills? >> he doesn't. >> he doesn't? >> we all work. >> each of you are working moms? >> i'm looking for a job. >> i work at home. >> so that's a logical answer, then, you can't make it work with 16 children and provide for them properly. >> to every other family across america, it takes everything we
9:11 am
have, too. >> it takes a village with four wives and one husband. >> we have a tweet from sherry lily, wondering if the wives ever get jeaus and if the hubby has a favorite. i will p you on the spot. do you have a favorite? >> no, i don't have a favorite. >> anyone ever get jealous? >> jealous is there. it's in the mix, it's normal. >> how do you deal with it? >> you get over yourself. >> do you have a time-out books? how do you deal with it? >> usually, i'm the brunt of the jealousy, you're not treating me right, you'reot being nice to me or whatever. >> how do you handle that? >> i apologize, try and do better. >> i see you have a schedule for times you want alone time. what happens when one of you wants the other woman's night? just to talk or to whatever. >> when he gone -- >> no. i saw you have a schedule, for example. i'll put it out there. for intimacy and cuddle time,
9:12 am
alone time, what if someone wants you time? >> i think ultimately, we still function -- most of our day is spent functioning as an entire family. i mean, as far as like a time a night, it's just that he just happens to be more arod at your house that night, essentially. i think that we're all pretty respectful of each other's space. >> sometimes, when somebody has a need and -- >> a function -- >> say, okay, this person has a need and something gets switched, sometimes it's just like you have to wait. >> let meet to the next questi. got to be flexible, i bet. let'go to susan. how would you feel about bringing another husband into the family? >> no. that's not something that would en be considered. >> why? >> it's not what we beeve. >> how this works. >> is it part of the faith or dynamic? >> it is part of t faith. one man. >> one man? >> yes. >> this one came from a viewer who chose to remain anonymous.
9:13 am
how did you meet and fall in love when you already have three wives, when did you fd the time for a the fourth wife? you answer, because you found the fourth wife. >> he didn't. >> i didn't find her. >> robyn and i found each other, actually. how does that work and why were you looking for a fourth wife? >> we weren'tlooking. it just happened. >> how? >> theyrove up and we started talking. meri and i started talking and texting after that. >> meri, you knew he would fall in love with the fourth wife? >> if he's going to get another wife, i'm sure he will fall in love with her, yeah. >> it's more a matter of, not like, hey, baby, come over to my pad, it's like a -- there is very much a spiritual aspect to our life, and our faith. >> but, robyn, were you looking to join the relationship? >> at that point, i was being a mom and i was open to th idea
9:14 am
of a potential family to be entering into. i knew i was going to live this way. as far as open to it but i didn't know it would be this faly. >> let me ask you, what made you want to do the reality show? was money or because you want people to know and understand plural marriage, plural families? >> that is what it is. our religion and our faith and our family, polygamy is a hidden culture. we really don't want to be hidden anymore. we really would like it to be more open. we'd like our children to have the benefits of livingore of an open society. i was raised in ts lifestyle, in really kind of fear-based. i'd rather not have that for my children. >> speaking of thechilen, now that it's out in reality land, we have seen some reality families fall apart. are you worried as parents this could hurt your children? >> i think we are doub double -- we've doubled our efforts to make sure they maintain a normal life, a normal
9:15 am
schedule. we are protective of them. >> we have tons of stability in this family as well. you have four mothers, giving a very rooted effect to the family. i don't see them as falling apart because we're not stable. >> kody, meri, janelle, christine and robyn, thank you very ch. tlc'ssist st tlc's, "sister wives" starting sunday. thank you for your candor. and finding the perfect carry-on, after these messages. you got in pretty late last night. dad, i'm not sixteen anymore. still, it was late. well... you're not gonna have to worry about that anymore. yeah, why's that? ♪ todd's a lucky man. ♪ the best part of wakin' up... ♪ that's what i told him when we talked last week. ♪ folgers in your cup
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9:19 am
magazine is here with some of the top bags on the market. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> quickly, what are the guidelines? >> the main guideline, if you're going to carry on bag it has to be 45 linear with inch, take the height, depth and width and add them. less than 45, you can carry them on. otherwise it has to be checked. $25 per first bag and more money if you check additional bags. >> we have interesting ones. >> very important to have a carry-on. we tested these for packabity, durability, ease of use. these are some of the favorites from our september issue. >> starting with? >> we have this one, super light, only 6.5 pounds. i have bag of groceries that is -- which is great. you want to fill that up. atlanta is only $80. super value. >> that's a great deal. >> this is samsonite. people talk about the wheels on
9:20 am
cars but wheels on luggage -- >> le the wheels on a bus. >> go round and round. this in fact goes round and round, super useful if you're stuck in an airport, just for fun -- >> you can sit on it and twirl around. >> more importantly, it ds to the maneuverability of the bag. we love this samsonite because it has tons of internal storage and a smart bag. >> how mh is this one? >> a little one, in the $300 range. >> this is the workhorse of the bags. no nonsense,etter for a guy, to be honest. expandible in the front. what i love about it, i put my laptop in the front and mine pples over, not great for laptops, this has a front support, so very versatile and smart. >> toomey. >> i love toomey bags, you don't see them usually this flat. this is made out of heavy duty nylon and expands to be quite sizable and the right size for a
9:21 am
carry- and has this chic python, for a city trip. it's an ligue bag, which means light in french. >> if you do have to carry on, you -- >> if you have to eck. >> if you have to check, there are things you can do to make sure you find your bag. >> there are over 2 million bags lost by airlinesn the last year. it's important to make sure your baguettes where it's going. cheapest way to do it, i get this all from my desk drawer, i take one of these and wrap it so you can see it coming down the conveyor. you can do fancy luggage tags you can buy and it's important to get to the airport in time to make sure to see theag is put on your luggage. i w about to board a flight to tokyo recently. there was no tag. hold on! >> a lot of people, i've done
9:22 am
this where i've shipped the bag ahead of time. >> it's very important to think about this and alsoost it out because it can be very expensive. if you're doing skis or golf clubs, a good idea. jetblue and southwest are two airlinesllowing you to check bags for free. that might be something to consider as well. >> thank you. coming up, colombian superar hip shaker and grammy winner, shakira, hotter than ever, a new cd out and we'll talk with her after these messages. i like my breakfast sandwich with green peppers, onion, banana peppers and mustard. i like eggs with black forest ham on wheat. with everything. i like a ttle kick. that's a good call. i like mine with egg whites. and... a napkin. [ male announce] have you built ur better breakfast? now's the time! try our better-for-you western egg white muffin melt or the dee-licious double bacon egg and cheese on toasty flatbread. subway. build your better breakfast.
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coming up, acomforting combination, beef and beer. we are making a gourmet winter stew. the hottest handbags of the fall season. >> first, your local news and weather. during cold and flu season. that's why we started a mission for health.
9:25 am
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9:26 am
9:26 is your time now. 78 degrees. after hot bl yes, more summer-like weather. good morning. i'm eun yang. good morning if you need to take i-270 in the gaithersburg overnight. they'll shut down the southbound se. they'll be closed between midnight and 4:00 a.m. crews need to install a sign for tin ter county connector project. when finished it will link i-270
9:27 am
9:28 am
good morning. here's the four-day forecast. we heretoing up, climbing into the 70s. later this afternoon we should make it into the low 90s. tomorrow mid-90 with low humidity. cooler saturday with a northwesterly breeze. clouds around on sunday with highs in the 70s. morning lows in the 50s. small chance of ashower. there's a bit of uncertaintyas to what may happen next week. could get a tropical system coming out of the caribbean that could give us rain. otheise in the 70s. jerry, how's the traffic? unfortunately a new problem accident. 270 near rooi 70 near gaithersburg. we're starting to clear out. a backup to montgomery village and germantown. downtown, a little relief in sight from an earlier accident. we start at 4:30 a.
9:29 am
9:30 am
anyway, touching two breasts doesn't make you an expert. >> think they're real. i and if they are, i must say they are spectacular. >> what are you doing to me? >> he's a man who needs no introduction, jerry seinfield, out with a book now with long time industry man,e'll talk to you about "letters from a nut" tomorrow, here on "today." i don't know why they asked me to do the segment. i'm a single purse girl. i carry one and i'm so boring. no. we have bobbi thomas in the house. she says basicly the fall is a great time to rethink our handbags and think about all kinds of styles out now. '60 style clutches to animal prints. they're bargains on the table and we will see if she c
9:31 am
convince us challenged in this manner to buy a purse. >> i think you can do it. >> maybe. >> they're beautiful gs. >> if you get a big bag, you can put some of the stuff we're making in "today"'s kitchen into it. it's faastic. an old twist on the standby favorite of beef stew. >> i wouldn't put that in my bag, in my mouth. >> a good snack. >> that looks amazing! >> you dip there in. >> i know. >> nbc news will be looking a hard look at the state of education in america, called "education nation." >> we will kick things off live with an exclusive intervi with president obama for a full half hour, shar his thougs on what's going wrong and what we can do differently and put questions for the president on our website. the nbc week long education special, "education nation," our live interview with president obama monday on "today."
9:32 am
>> a very big week, important topic. i got to see that movie, "waiting for superman." >> it moved your heart. >> eply emotional movie. more than talks, some real good will come to help our kids in school. but, let's talk about the weather, actually, what's on people's minds today. >> let's do good morning. it is rather humid now. i'm meteorologist tom kierein with a live view from the sky watcher camera.
9:33 am
sun pouring down on the region. we have temperatures into the mid-70s. it will become uncomfort wli warm this afternoon. pleasant after that. this evening will be down into the 70s. 70 tomorrow morning. tomorrow, lower humidity. it may peak in the mid-90s. cooler on saturday. who will be joining randy jackson? the new panel of superstars revealed wednesday. >> jennifer j.lo, mixed reviews, reportedly getting 12 $12 millia year and steven tyler, $16 million. they have to bring it.
9:34 am
and i used to be a "american idol" fan and didn't watch it last season and thought it was kind of boring and this is how j.lo entered and attracts entrance. >> a nice silr jumpsuit. not everybody can pull that off. >> that's pretty cool. it should be interesting. >> should be. an interesting mix of people. >> we'll see who will be simon, the tough love character. can j.lo it? >> hand have the in-house mentor. >> and hot handbag for the cooler season, right after this. for dessert lovers. often, the best part of a meal is the dessert. but sometimes after a busy day and a heavy greasy dinner... my system needs some tlc now there is something new introducing activia dessert. rich, silky, smooth yogurt with desserty flavors like strawberr cheesecake,
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9:36 am
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9:38 am
this morning on bobbie's style, we will show real life examples how her fall handbags can complement our styles. you have a great punch of selections, i'm eager to get to them. you are showing us major trends. i'm anxious to get to them. >> nothing is out. there is a trend for all of them. these are fun everywhere. want to show you what's available at every price point.
9:39 am
for each category i have somebody to try it out. >> your first one is the retro revival, it feels like with the madman redo book -- >> absolutely. we're craving revival. and trend setters, remember this name, the hollywood handbag, angelina jolie, and the top handle is what makes it feel lady-like. modern designers are incorporating different colors and redoing the classic. >> you have black leather and brown leather and you can wear it with both. >> and prada made them feel very lady like feel and some are a lower price pot. so $40, misrange, 50, 60, something like this is $88 from jessica simpsos line, all on our website if you like this
9:40 am
particular bag. >> you go through the streets of manhattan, armedith a bunch of bags. you pick out these poor unexpectiuneect iunexpect -- unsuspecting women, what do you say? >> this is a friend who just moved here from california. she has this oversized bag very hip and cool. i asked her to try the lady-like size and here's the photo and all a sudden, her body, va-va voom, showed off her shape and can go from the office to out with her girlfriends. it's le a day bag. >> it not only changed her outfit but her whole presentation. >> yes. >> animal friends, lo, they never seem to go out of style and they're back again. >> i'm so glad you said that. everybody says they're always a trend. they're always here and you will see them everywhere, mainly because prada and so many
9:41 am
designers have done the leopard look and you are seeing faux fur everhere. that's nine west, a great bag and a designer is going to be teaming up with target oober 10th. this is a fun thing you're seeing in the stores and magazines. we also have another photo. i think this is a category for the woman who gets stuck with the black or brown bag. >> that's me. i don't want to choose or change bags or think about it and why i only have one bag. >> nova, who i found on the street, has this great basic bag and even though she's wearing color, say, i don't know if that will match and you can see right away, it adds attitude and fun tooh to her look. this is a classic. >> you're scaring me, bobbie. you're starting to convince me. you don't have to change your
9:42 am
outfit. >> and i think it as fun at night with t-shirt and jea going out to dinner. >> cool little something here. >> and the one nova bag from jc penney, $49. >> you call these shape shifters because they do different things? >> shapeshifters. some do different ings. this is a drawstring shape from the '80s. this is one of the headliners shifting the shape of their bags, we see this from topshot to h and n and i love this from mango. this is a bag you can put on your shoulder, i got for you, but it's also a backpack. how great is this. >> if you have a lot of things in it. especially being a mother, you want to have your hands-free. >> i he one. >> you do?
9:43 am
>> i found a mom on the street, nicolerom new jersey, see he the g hanging off her shoulder and the cross bag is also something she can wr at night and gave her the hands-free ability from sabina. it can do so many things and give her the flexibility she needs. >> even though we looked at these very expensive bags, they're coming in lower priced point, something for everyone. >> there's something for everyone, you want to make an investment but, yes, it's not just about the one "it" bag, find something that can work for you, all on our website. >> thanks, bobbie, to try to boost our fashion profiles. all this is online. >> i did all the homework and you can find all the links and prices. >> thanks so much. glad to have you here as ual. we have warmth andomfort food for cooler weather right after this.
9:44 am
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9:48 am
today where temperatures are at 80 degrees. what better meal than beef and porter stew. michael is the executive chef. nice to see you. wherdid the porterhouse get its name? >> really, it comes from porter. a dark brewed ale, dark brewed beer, not as dark as many, has full flavor. it came from porterhouses in 19th century new york, where you drank this and ate beef. >> and we'll look at the beef stew. you can buy it already cut up. you like to buy it yourself. >> i like to know what i'm buying and tend to be hands-on. this is chuck, great for stew, has a little more fat content bu you can trim it off at the end. it gives it the flavor. you use top round, it's too lean and tends to dry out. >> a little less expensive. >> it's a great value, especially for families.
9:49 am
you have a couple of pounds of beef chunk. i brown the chunk, caramelized onions and we can put our beef back in and start to build our stew. this is the kind of dish you want to have in you repertoire. i think that's really what it's all about, a simple easy fast dish to make. takes a little cooking time. let's season our beef. i haven't added salt and pepper. >> go right ahead. >> you sewn it after you brown it off. >> our liquid is great. goodrich flavor. we will put in t 12 ounce bottles. beef broth. i cut the beef broth with water. then just a low sodium canned broth, a gdrich flavor, we have all our vegetables. >> what do you have here? rude ba rutibaker, carrots and parsley.
9:50 am
>> tomato products. notomato produc notomato -- tomato products. >> you use plump tomatoes and actually, we forgot to put in the flour. i like to brown the flour, whether we put that in or not. our stew cooks up in an hour a 15 minutes. >> you have a little garney. >> the garney goes in, bay leaf, rosema. this is a great side dish with our beef, i like potatoes. instead of putting my potatoes in, i'm making a potato casserole -- >> very thin sliced potatoes? >> thin sliced potatoes, carmelized onions. keep layering them in. it makes a great casserole. when it' ready to go in the oven, a little beef broth or water would be fine.
9:51 am
absorbs the liquid, cook drys so it absorbs the liquid. you have beef stew with water and carmelized potato and onion casserole. the porter is a great flavor. it's rich, not too tart. kind of almost characterchocola. >> kind of earthy. with the fresh vegetables,f you put time in it, when you're serving it -- >> what is the mistake people make with this? >> they cook it too fast, boil the beef and that toughens it. if you want it tender, cook it low and slow. this gets better, make it today and serve it in three days when the weather changes. that's my advice. >> i love it. michael, always good to see you, my friend. the recipe can be found on our website at coming up, superstar she
9:52 am
kyra. she can shake those hips. these lips don't lie. baker.
9:53 am
9:54 am
look who came in. we hav a big show. >> what you got coming up? >> shakira. karo. >> i get them confused. shakira is the younger one. >> that's why she's on our hour. >> after your local new -- captions by vitac --
9:55 am
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i picked my nose. she said i could. flumist ma not protect everyone. flumist is not for people allergic to eggs or other vaccine ingredients or for children and teens taking aspirin or products containing aspirin, or for anyone who's had life-threatening reactions to flu vaccines. health conditions including guillianarré syndrome, a weakened immune system, diabetes, pregnanc or heart, kidney, or lung diase may exclude you from getting flumist. your doctor will decide if flumist is right for you. common side effects include runny nose or nasal congestion, sore throat, and fever. talk to your doctor to find out if flumist is right for your family. and visit sure is nice to have a choice. 9:56 is your time now on this thursday, september 23rd. good mning. i'm eun yang. breaking news. police have arrested a teenager
9:57 am
and charged him in connect with the murder of a college student at catholic university. sources also say they believe that robbery was the motive. he was shot several times as he rode his bicycle near the sherman district. he was on his way home earlier this month when he was killed. straight to the forecast. it has been warm, how about today? >> we've got another one coming up. we may add number 65 today. right now it's in the mid-70s to near 80 degree we should peak in the low 90s by the afternoon. tomorrow, mid-90s with low humidity in place. it's only in the middle part of the aernoon where it's uncomfortably warm like today. over the weekend, cooling, an early wind should bring in some clouds on sunday with a small chance of a shor into the mid-70s. and as we get into the next week as well, chance for a passing shower monday, tuesday, wednesday, depending what may be aropical syst coming up from
9:58 am
the caribbean. jerry, how's the traffic. late delays from i-270 southbound from montgomery village on down. accident along the way on 370. quick check elsewhere, the right lane is cled. eun? >> thank you, jerry. a n thursday night comedy debutet tonight,
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody. it is thirst day, the 23rd of september. nothing to drink today, but, you know, hope springs eternal. we'll get over it. >> yeah. after yesterday, we do need a drink. we, together, went back to scol. okay, there is an -- nbc is doing this b thing i'm sure you heard of called the education nation. >> which is a very serious thing, but we're -- >> and terrific. it is a great thing. we decided to go back to -- we didn't decide. >> no, we were told to. >> go back to fourth grade. so we had our outfits on. and we were learning a l and what we learned -- >> all right, it became a musical.
10:01 am
>> elementary school musical. here is the thing i learned, math in fourth grade is difficult. science, we looked in thething. math was complicated. >> but gym was easy. >> we liked gym. >> that was -- >> reading. >> what do they call it? >> language arts. >> language arts. when did reading become language arts. >> we called it language arts. >> wt to thank everybody over there, west new york public school 2. >> ps2. >> they were the cutest kids, so well behaved and that school is beautiful, clean, neat as a pin. the teachers were all great. we'll show that next week. >> the documentary called waiting for supermans coming out i think on friday. and there had been some prescreenings. >> you saw it like six months ago and you said, kathie, i cide six times. >> it shows you how young kids in elementary school, their whole future is determined by a lottery, they're choosing kids
10:02 am
who get to go to the better schools. y they yell out girl 24 a you look in the auditorium and one kid slehrieks and all the other kids hang their heads. it is a great documentary. hopefully people will see it. speaking of crying, i started to read your book yesterday. it was taken over by frank gifford. he's reading it. as soon as he puts it down, i will let you know my comments and thoughts on it. >> i'm curious to know what you think of it. you haven't read any of it. >> you haven't read mine, and it's been out for a year and a half. that's okay, hoda. real friends do that. apparently there is some controversy that i didn't know about until today. >> yeah. katy perry was appearing on this -- on the show "sesame street." and there is a big showoming up soon, they decided to put this on youtube. take a look at it first and tell us what you think. >> that mo.
10:03 am
♪ hot and cold you're yes and no ♪ ♪ you're in and you're out starting to doubt ♪ >> the question is, what do you think of this video? >> green's not her color. >> well, we did an unientific poll here at nbc and i think it turned out that, i don't remember th numbers, but there it is, okay, 71% of the people thought at the video was fine. it is not too racy. >> this is new york city. here at nbc -- >> on th "today" show. we did a "today" show poll, an online poll. >> on our viewers of the "today" show. okay. >> that's what they think. >> i thought you asked anthony. >> now "sesme street" decided to pull it. >> i know what anthony would say. >> what? >> thumbs up, baby. >> they decided not to air that on the special. >> i think there is two school of thought. they have been very, very careful for many, many years since its inception to entrust their brnd to people they
10:04 am
trusted in return and be very careful. because once you lose your credibility, you lose everything. and so i think they're smart to listen to the viewers and the parents, but at the same time, you look at katy perry's outfits and compared to some of the things she's orn, she was like -- >> toned down. >> way toned down. >> or compare what she's wearing to other disney characters -- >> "sesame street" is not disney. >> but just what kids are seeing. you see ariel from "little mermaid." >> there is a little cleavage action there, hair flowing. >> and you see jasmine. >> jasmine was tking a ride with a boy, if you know what i'm saying, on a magic carpet ride and we all know what that's a metaphor for. >> okay, so they decided, the quote from "sesame street," we value our viewers' opinions, particularly the parents, in light of the feedback we received on the katy perry mic video which was released on
10:05 am
youtube, we decided not to air the segment on tv. they say if you want to see it, you can watch it on youtube. >> watch it on youtube. i don't know. >>it doesn't seem that bad to me. >> compared to some things we see that are truly the sexualization of young girls, this stuff -- and it wa playful. it wasn't sexual in nature. just elmo is a little, i don't know. it doesn't bother me. you know that pretty much everything bothers me, you know. but this one doesn't. >> okay, so finally, we can -- >> it bothers her parents. she's the daughter of a pentecostal preacher. >> i don't thinkhat one would bother her parents. i think the onwhere she's squirting, you know, the video, she's squirting out, yeah, i don't know what it is. >> my father would not have liked that. how about yours? >> no. >> yr egyptian father, what would he have said about that. >> i don't care where he's from, he would have been ticked. ticked off. we can release the news, the idol judges have been chosen. >> and it is like so -- too much to do about nothing. >> j. lo. >> whos beautiful. >> and steven tyler.
10:06 am
so the two of them came out, sort of anti-climactic, i would say, wouldn't you? because we knew. >> worst kept secret in hollywood. >> they say j. lo signed a $12 million deal. >> what about steven tyler? >> his is reportedly $18 million. >> really? >> that's what the cd says. >> unbelievable. why didn't she fight for her righ as a woman to get equal pay with the man. >> can you believe how much that job ys? that's unbelievable. >> we're happy here, but we would dump this in an intant, wouldn't we? >> likethat. >> that fas >> out. >> in a new york minute. >> can we talk about a good song? i think you might enjoy it. okay. this is my favoriteoment on thursday. it will only last a minute but it is my minute. >> it lasts too long. >> i want to go old school. old school, this song is call "word up". it is from 1986. >> 1986? ♪
10:07 am
>> here it goes. you ready? ♪ down pretty ladies around the world ♪ ♪ got a weird thing to show you tell your brother and your sister ♪ ♪ you know what to do ♪ wave your hands in the air likeou don't care ♪ ♪ like you don't care bolide by the people as they start to look and stare ♪ ♪ do your dance do your dance quick ♪ ♪ tell me what's the word >> if you're sitting at home and don't want t work out and say you can't get o the couch, download word up. tell me you're not feeling it. >> i don't feel it. i like perfect rhymes. ♪ deejays around the world
10:08 am
♪ word doesn't rime wi >> word doesn't rhyme with girl. it ver did. it never will. if jennifer aniston is back with john mayer, somebody needs to sit her down and say, no. >> no, no, no. >> no, no, no. >> what was the question? >> is oay or not okay to date a co-worker? and i said -- >> fine as long as it is not against compy policy. hey, frank was my colleague and we all know how that worked out. >> yes, we do. hoda said if the chemistr is right and you're not doing anything wrong by the company rules, fine. as for dating your boss, try to find a better way to get a raise or more vaca. >> why did you read mine like that? i don't read yours like that. >> trying to be cool, hoda. >> i don't read yours like that. let's go to sara. >> i lov the song. >> okay. i'm not alone. >> i think it should be this minute should be tagged with, like, a crew dance party, though, so we have a visual.
10:09 am
>> has anybody heard of rosemary clooney? >> we're talking prince charming on the wall, katy perry, her outfit does not really reveal any more than wonderwoman. i don't think it is bad to be on "se stre "sesame street." kids see worse on the street, don't you think. >> coming up, shakira on the front page of "the new york times" and so exciting. >> fresh from madison square guarden. >> she's a hot ticket. >> she is. >> we'll talk with her in a moment. ter tina, who i also helped do her first home loan. it was unbelievable how well it all fell together. we wanted to stay n our same neighborhood. kathy said, "well, let me give you rachel's number." rachel just made it effortless. i didn't have to do any of the work. rachel didt for me. extremely friendly... easy. i'll say, "i need this," we'd say here it is, and she says, "great. let me get back to you." so e spent a lot more time with me on the phone, face-to-face. she knows that's what my personality is and what i prefer. whereas if it was somebody else... like me. like tina. i'm on the computer all the ti. it was emails and emails and faxes.
10:10 am
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10:12 am
at 33, shakira knows how to shake things up, so to speak. she has two arican and seven latin grammys to her name. >> and now she's about to add a tenth album after her global hit this summer called "wakawaka," also known as time for afra. more than 170 million youtube hits on that one you you can take a look ater next hit to be called "loca" off her new cd.
10:13 am
"the sun coes out". >> impressed. >> good to see you. it is nice to open up the paper this morning, "the new york times" and see a ni big picture of you at madison square garden. >> it is not the picture, it is what they say that is so complimentary. >> thegave you a home run not only for your music, but e stuff you do as a humanitarian. i like when a musician or artist does something le that. >> uses their celebrity for good. tell us in essence what your focal point is as an artist. >> as an artist -- >> around the world. >> i've bee working on education since i was 18 years old. i started my foundation in colombia back then and since then we have been building schools in areas of conflict and internal displacement and where there is extreme poverty and children don't have access to education, which i've always considered a birth right and unfortutely in countries like
10:14 am
mine and developing world in general, you know, education sometimes is considered a luxury. sadly. and not everybody has access to it. and i consider it the most important asset aerson can receive, you know. >> you should come next week and shake things up a little bit around here. >> a lot of people do know you from your song "hips don't lie," such a huge hit. and now we have "loca" coming out. how easy is that, by the way? can you believe that? but this song "loca," looking at the video, it looks very home movies, like you're shooting this thing -- >> you were, though, weren't you? >> i planned this video in two days. and we decided to go on the street of barcelona, barcelona right there. and just experiment and it was
10:15 am
an adventure, whatever happened happened. and i ended up jumping on a motorcycle without a helmet and juing on a public fountain. so i think i'm probably going to get fined. >> they don't look too upset about it. you're not with elmo, so it's fine >> the city of barcelona, there was a huge controversy after i did this video because there were people -- some people, the government were discussing if i should be fined. i think i should be fined, you know, $400 fine. it's okay. i'll pay t. >> you're on record, yeah. youidn't hurt anybody. >> i didn't wear a helmet. >> that you should have done. >> i should have done that. yeah, i agree. >> but your hair looks so good. you know, come on. helmet hair, helmet hair. >> right. >> your music sells all over the world. where are you most surprised that your music is very popular? >> i don't know. i think that one of the most amazin gifts that my music has given me is the opportunity to travel so much.
10:16 am
and being in touch with so many cultures and people from so ma different places and really get to sea world. and i go to places i never expected. i've played in india, in egypt, i've played in the pyramids. that was unbelievable. >> that's my peeps. >> your peeps. >> so rare i le my -- >> and all these awards, after winning so many grammys and the rest of it, what sort of motivates you to create new things, new music? > you know, i shouldn't be this -- after so many years i should be a little more calm about everything, but i love what i do, and i'm always putting myself in front of new challenges and i guess i'm still hungry, you know? >> and when you get on a plane and you're flying, say, to india, tell us real quick, who do you listen to on your ipod? >> i don't listen to that much music lately. maybe because i'm more --
10:17 am
>> you need to discover a world you had no idea existed. >> whose world? >> mine. just listen to my music. >> she's not narcissist? >> no. we're so happy to have you. you're adorable. all the best. god bless yo >> thank you, hoda. i'll give you a kiss. >> thank you. >> all the best to you. >> thank youo much. >> scissors, a printer, and these two ladies. [ announcer ] how do you plus up breakfast? introducing total plus omega-3 honey almond flax cereal.
10:18 am
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"today's working woman" is brought to you by mcdonald's. i'm loving it. >> time for today's working woman and ways to save mor than $100 a month on your grocery bill, but let us warn you, it will cost you. >> it will? >> yeah. >> all righty. about a whopping 15 minutes a week is what it is going to cost you. see this bag of groceries here? without coupons, $55.
10:21 am
with coupons, what do you think, hoda? >> i don't know. >> read it. >> $15. >> you can do it too. >> joni demere and heather wheel rest founders of the crazy coupon and authorsof "pick another checkt lane, honey." how are you? >> good to meet you. nice to be here. >> this is quite the savings. >> that's amazing when you think abt how much money you can save. tell us about that. >> ablutely. you can save so much money with coupons, anyone should be using coupons, i don't care what your income status is or how much time you think you hav you should be using coupons. whether you live in trump tower or in a van down by the river, you too should be using coupons. >> i don't like it when people talk to me like that. >> i'm going to get to you. >> where are some wine coupons. >> you can afford to splurge on the wine. >> we know in the papers there are tons and tons and tons of coupons in there. you say clip away, right? >> yes. so we get -- there is tons of coupons from the sunday paper. crazy coupon lady, i'm getting
10:22 am
five sunday papers because i just love cues upon, i want lots of coupons. >> but you're spending mone on the newspapers. >> so in new york it does cost a lot. for me, $20 a month to get five every week. >> how much would ysave in the coupons you get from the five newspapers? >> i save about a thousand dollars a month on my grocery bill. >> that's serious money. it is labor intensive, right? >> it is. if you're feeling short on time, just do printable coupons. printable coupons,ou don't have the newspaper showing up at your doorstep, especially a huge stack of newspapers, you go to your computer and print them. >> how do you get them? where do you go it find them? >> there is tons of websites that have them. we have a comprehensive list on our website of all of the ailable printable coupons. if you're feeling short on time, make your grocery list as you normally would and then come to our site and print the coupons, and really easily -- >> free ney. >> yes. >> here is the problem, sometimes when -- >> there has to be a catch.
10:23 am
>> when there is a coupon, you go, wow, i'm going to buy this, i don't normally get it or like it, butecause i have such a great deal on it, i'm going to get it. that's my problem with sales or stuff like that. >> you're not going to do that. we're not buying anything that we're not going to use. >> she just insulted you too. >> i know. >> you guys are passionate about t it it. it is a little disturbing. >> organizing te ining the coup issue. >> how do we do that. there is an expiration date on these things, right? >> coupons are usually from 30 to 90 days. here's what i do. i'm a little crazy, i will admit. i clip all the cues upon and organize them in this coupon binder. i have 36 categories. so whenever i'm in an aisle, i can flip to the category. if i'm getting cereal, i flip to the cereal cal gwire. >> you take this to safe way?
10:24 am
>> i do. >> are they furious when they see y coming? they must think you're crazy. >> they love us. >> really? >> is there a way to clip coupons for a, say, like a charity and send it off to a food bank or something like that? >> here's what we do. once our coupons expire, we collt them all, and we send them overseas to mlitary bases. they can use them there for up to six months after they expire. >> thank you for your time. >> you're adorable. >> we'll be right back after this. the new pantene. frizzy to smooth system. medium to thick hair absorbs up to 40% more moisture. so we customiz a pro-v syste that in te, outlasts the frizz point. the results? smooth stays into the second day. put it to the test. frizzy to smooth from new pantene. healthy makes it happen. the pantene re-vention is here. introducing theew pantene custom solutions. with options for your unique hair structure.
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>> breaking news. a month after his murd, police make an arrest in the death of a local college student. good morning. i'm eun yang. also ahead on "news 4" midday, vincent gy is getting ready to meet with school's chancellor michelle rhee. what the two will discuss and what it could mean for the d.c. public school system. those stoifrs an much more
10:27 am
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hi, home. i'm home. genuine glee just $14.99 and $79.99. find what makes you happy at a price that make you homegoods happy.
10:30 am
♪ heaven help us baby's got her blue jeans on ♪ we're opening up the denim dictionary to help make jeans shopping a little easier. >> cut, distressed, faded, leslie roshford of "women's health" magazine is here to break it all down. how are you? >> good, how are you guys? >> good, good. not in denim. >> i am, though. >> i feel like the question, how many pairs of jeans does the average woman have? >> we put this survey out and the average woman has ten pairs but only wears three pairs which leads knowbelieve that lots of women have closets full of ill fitting and uncomfortable jeans. >> what should we do with them? >> recycle them and get a good pair of good fitting jeans. >> you think you're going to get back in them. >> yes. scales lie but your jeans don't. >> jeans do not lie. >> we'll get started with boot cut jeans.
10:31 am
we're trying to figure out who the jeans are best for. so we're talking about what body type? >> they flare at the ankle a littlebit. >> this is for a cuy woman. >> those are darling. >> from banana republic, you'll notice a little flare, nicely balances out any fullness in the hip and thigh and the higher rise, a little tight tummy, so she has this bombshell hourglass look. >> i love those jeans. >> i love the color of those. >> comfortable? >> so comfortable and they fit me perfect. >> you're not miked, are you? comfortable and they fit her perfectly. >> the wash is key also. >> what do they cost? >> these cost $89.50, a great price point. >> thank you. >> work it. >> the next type we're going look at is the trouser. tell us about this shape. >> as the name would imply, the trouser mimics a typal trouser pair of pants, little wider in the leg, slim in the hip and have a faux cuff. this is for an athletic body
10:32 am
type like crystal here. >> like jenna wolfe. she wears these all the time. >> ann taylor, $88, you can see her toned quads and calves and hamstrings are accentuated by the wider legs and they're more fitted in the hip. >> that's a jean. >> that's a jean. the wash is important because it is rker, so she can wear these to work. has a polished, professional look. >hoda, those would be great on you. >> i like both of theirst two. okay. all right. >> thank you. >> thanks a lot, crystal. the next jean is the skinny jean. >> the dreaded -- dending who you ask. >> kate moss loves them. >> right. >> it is for really teeny tiny. >> our model, yoll see her coming out, kara, she has a straight body type. she look good on pple who don't have a lot of curves, a lot of defined muscles. >> so kara has hers on. >> she has some curves. she'sdorable in them. >> look how great they are. by the way, these are gap and $59.50 and the problem is if you
10:33 am
have toouch muscle tone or have a lot of curves, they bunch up, your legs look like sauceages and you'll see, but on kara, they fit perfectly, they skim her body. >> if you're wearing boots, they going to right into a boot so easily. >> they look great. >> those are terrific. i like those. what kind of shoes -- i always have trouble figuring out what shoes to wear with jeans if i don't wear boots. >> flats or heels. >> thank youkara. the next type is the boyfriend style jean. those are the kind of -- >> they're supposed look like you pulled them right out of ur boyfriend's drawer and they're slouchy and relaxed. >> the body type is pear shape. okay, here is duvall. >> you would never know she's pear shaped. these are by levis and they're $79.50. >> i love those. >> yeah. and also what is so great about them is we chose a darker wash, again, really slimming.
10:34 am
>> darker wash the more faddish thing now. >> a lot of boyfriend jeans will come in a more distressed wash, which is great, but if you're trying to not put so much emphasis on your lower half, stick to a drker wash. >> you can all come out. the holy jeans, are those still in? >> they're still in. hanging around. >> these are great. all affordable. if you use a coupon, all the better. >> thank you so much. up next, the key to getting your customer cplaint heard. on the phone. >> that's right. [ male announcer ] sometimes one taco can't handle all your favori toppings.
10:35 am
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but this is warmfresh-baked strawberry toaster strudel. [ music ] see the difference? pillsbury toaster strudel, the one kids want to eat. and these are the ones you'll love on a school night pillsbury ham and cheese crescents with just a few ingredients, you have an easy to make dinner. they're crescents for the other 364. try them tonight.
10:38 am
have you ever bought something only to have it for a day or to find out it is defectiveor broken. >> and you try to call the store, the manufacturer and you get nada, absolutely nada. we have been through that and the folks at "money" magazine know which is why the october issue tells you howto get heard and then get riltesults. amanda gengler is a writer or "money." there is a lot of moang and groaning about products and lack service. >> all too often poor customer service, it seems almost standard these days. >> it is frustrating because if you do have something that is oken or whatever, you call up, and then you get put on hold, first of all, you have to push buttens, push one for this and two for that and three, all you want is a living, breathing person to talk to and you get upset as you're waiting. >> of course. so to get -- to make sure your complaint is heard, what should you do? first thing is there i a great
10:39 am
website called get and it has tips for thousands of companies of how you can bypass the voice mail systems. type in your we and it will tell you the phone number and what button to press. maybe you want to -- >> what is that website? >> it is that's where you should start. >> okay. so once you get someone on the phone, and usually it is after you've been on hold for a long time. i was on hold with an airline for 45 minutes and i kept telling everyone, i've been on hold for 45 minutes and your teerature keeps going up and up. >> and your voice level. did you ever get help? >> i did at the end, but, you're just so angry at the end. >> so you definitely want to vent your frustrations, but you al wanto tell them wha will make you happy. so to start with, before you even call them, there is some more websiteto look at.,, these are great websites where unhappy customers loed thousands of
10:40 am
complaints. you can look at it and see what pe of resolution might be typical for your situation, maybe you have a common problem or if it is uniqu see how accommodating the company has been inhe past. and then when you call them, you want to ask for that, whatever resolution you want, don't wait for them to offer it to you. you should speak up first. exactly. >> you're talking about a huge amount of time puttg in to get reaction to one complaint to something. i mean, do you really have to go through all of that or just send the thing back? >> of course, that would be the easiest thing to do, right, if your tv broke the fir day you turned it on, call them up and say my television just broke, i would like to be refunded that $700. again, make it clear what you want and maybe they will say something like, well, you need bring it back into the service center. well, if that's a huge inconvenience to you, maybe you have to borrow your son's truck or is too heavy to carry, tell them that and ask them for someone to come out and pick up the television. >> will they do it? >> they can. good customer service, they do
10:41 am
want to keep you happy. >> ou wonder what happened with the customer is always right. that is long gone. >> because also when you call up one of these places, often y feel like they're almost reading from something. it doesn't feel like you're talking to a human being who is listening to you. >> of course. and if you aren't happy with the outcome, that's why don't be afraid to sort of move up the ranks. you can go all the way to the firm's top brass if you want. we talked to one customer who was unhappy with his utili company because they cut down trees on his property and he wasn't getting anywhere. so he actually found the president of the company's e-mail online, theye not always posted, but you can sort of figure it out, maybe go to the press site and if the publicist e-mail is first name dot last name at company dotcom you can figure out the president or the ceo. this particular customer e-mailed the president and he agreed to replace the trees. >> that'sgreat when that finallyappens. the other thing to do is call the guys that are on local tv stations, the guy -- >> the guy that everybody is scared to death of.
10:42 am
and say i'm going to call so and so at channel 2 and tell them -- sometimes that sort of gets their attention. twitter, facebook, the are lots of consumers logging complaints on the facebook sites of companies and companies are actually now hiring people to do nothing but manage their facebook -- facebook sites d to try to get in touch with consumers who aired grievances. >> they don't like bad publicity. >> no, they don't. >> thank you very much, amanda gengler. up next, making your pantry your new cosmetic counter. dancing there? flying there? how about eating soup to get there? delicious campbell's soups fill you with good nutrition, energy, farm-grown ingredients, and can help you keep a healthy weight. helping you get to a happier place. have a nice trip. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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10:46 am
♪. today's woman" is brought to you by aveeno. lifestyle guru laurin sydney is here to show you how to replace your makeup bag with
10:47 am
your condiment collection. you heard me right. we're ready. this is an interesting segment, miss lauren. >> all the mazines say go buy new makeup. it is all in the kitchen. we start with angelina jolie lips. if you want them, forget the sts. a little cinnamon oil will bring the circulation to your lips. >> plump them up. >> 15 minutes, plump them up and you don't get brad pitt butou get gorgeous. instead of lipsticks, i would like you, we all kissed a few frogs in our life, some of us are still kissing them, kiss a beet. kiss a beet. hold it on for, like, ten seconds. the trend is now intense colors, it is kind of staining. >> subtle. >> take the beet off. you'll see just a if she's in love. do it again. another way to do it is gelatin. take a little water, take a little gelatin and that will stain your lips as well. >> really? >> a little water, a little gelatin. this has to stay onhree minutes. >> okay.
10:48 am
i can see. >> that will do the trick. >> it did work. >> beautiful. >> she's gorgeous to begin with. >> she is. let's move on to another gorgeous one. >> hi, jocelyn. >> we all sometimes have a little baggage under our eyes, even if we're young. we take a little egg white, plump it under the bottom and you'reood to go. bag will disappear just like that. >> you leave it on then? >> you leave it on. >> okay. it will smooth it out. one thing we all use is an eyebrow pencil. that will frame ou face. >> too many of us pluck them. >> i'm dunking it in cocoa, competen expensive cocoa, smooth as can be. test it on your hand first, because then it gets to a consistency that will not be all c clumpy. we have done half of her face. we have the right consistency.
10:49 am
and there we go. we blend it. >> once it drys, it stays? >> it stays. i heard a little laught from the peanut gallery. there we go. >> please. she's laughing at something -- she's laughing at anthony. >> now it is matched and wonderful. i n't want to get too close to the eye now since i'm not a certified makeup artist, but for ilener, take espresso powder, and do your eye liner like that. >> like dennies. >> iwe're sweating because we're on live television and we're not used to it, heather is beautiful, we take cornstar, we bt any bits of beading, it also helps, doesn't sit in any wrinkles, not that miss heather has any wrinkles. then for blush -- now for a little blush. we could use mashed berries. >> about to spill them. >> beautiful. >> mashed beets and our
10:50 am
friend -- >> are you going to rub that on? >> i am. it is going to look gorgeous. natural like you're in love. yes, hoda. >> if you have different skin types, should you -- >> it will still work, but less intensity. >> oh, yeah. >> may i smell you? >> if it is too much -- >> it smells nice. it smells very organic, shall we say. >> a little goat cheese, even more interesting. >> come on over re. it is alex's birthday. i said for her birthday i will show you a trick. >> happy birthday. >> lose five pounds in a second. take a little cinnamon. didn't mean fort to go to e jell-o. all you have to do is just put it -- we have done half of her face, there you go. it just cuts that cheekbone. there you go. >> okay. >> if you don't have a brush, take a basting brush. thanksgiving is coming up. >> baste your face. >> if you make a mistake. >> happy birthday.
10:51 am
>> i need some help. what should i do? >> here you go, perfect, donnie. if y need someone who needs a boob job. >> no. no, no, no. >> he's seen many before. funny you came over now. take knee highs,ut a little couscous ins. we don't want rice. and put it in the bra area. you want to test it? >> don't even do it. don't do it. >> we'll be right back with donnie.
10:52 am
[music throughout] finding what you love makes you happy. savingp to 60% every day makes you homegoods happy. ♪ tell it to go on
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10:54 am
there are certn questions that only a man can answer. >> so we calledin our resident man, our guy's guy. donny deutsch. >> professor orrin cory was not available. >> or pee wee pherman, so we invited donny. we call this "the other view."
10:55 am
we know the view you like. >> it is nice that you invited me and i can come and bond with you guys and share. >> you're throwing a very expensive party for hoda's new book. >> it is open to the publ, by the way, we'll be pting the address. >> we started throwing it together, it got so huge, i said i think this is really donny's party. >> sara, what do we have. >> pamela, i think my sex life is good, but always have to be the initiator. should i be worried? >> if she's always the initiator. >> maybe. on the one side, people play roles, sometimes people are more aggressive than the other ones, you should tell him, i want to fl wanted, i need you to once in a while come after me. if he doesn't respond to that, there are two problems, obviously, he's having some attraction issues, and he's also not concerned about yr feelings. you can do a simple test. tell him how you feel. may not be a problem, his attitude, hey, i want sexual time so i wait to e when you
10:56 am
want it. >> okay, all right. >> lori wants to know, she's dating a guy for two months, first one since she got a divorce, when is the right time to introduce him to the kids. >> this is relevant in my life. >> you do this every couple of months. >> ladies and gentlemen -- >> go ahead. >> this is a serious question. my belief is, if there is an active mom and dad and they're not together, nobody is coming in as a replacement. kids are resilient. if you say, this is not going to be mommy or not going to be daddy, this is someone i'm going on a date with and don't set up a new family structure, kids get it. ve dated different women since i've been single -- >> hmm. >> my kids are great. they understand -- >> do you always introduce? >> not always. i wait a while. you don't all of a sudden put them in a mommy role or daddy. nobody is going to substitute for their mother, just likwhen my children'smom starts dating men, they're not going tbe ddy, it is mom's boyfriend
10:57 am
or -- >> they're not in therapy yet? >> my kids are grt. >> one more. >> marion wantto know, shs about to go on a fifth date with a guy she's been seeing. . she knows he's ready to sleep with her but she doesn't want it to be too soon. >> you can never wait too long. guys want to wait. if you look a woman, you want to wait. if -- make it ten dates, 11 dates, 12 dates, he'll wait. do it when you're ready. >> what is the longest you waited? >> i've waited months. >> all right. join us tomorrow. e-bye, everybody.
10:58 am
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